Test Your Positive Thinking

Positive Thinking can change your life in innumerable ways, it can bring peace of mind, happiness, and a freedom of spirit that negativity never can. Test your positive thinking with this simple format developed for self-analysis of your personality, your outlook, and your attitude. Answer these question and find out How Positive You Really Are. To find out how positive you are, answer the following questions as honestly as you can, using this scoring system: Answers Points Always or almost always- 5 Usually- 4 Sometimes- 3 Rarely- 2 Never- 1 Put your score in the block on the right: When something unexpected forces you to change your plans, you are quick to spot a hidden advantage in this

Manifest Money Quick & Easy!

Manifest Money Quickly and Easily! For most people, the words quick and easy seem unbelievable when it comes to manifesting money. The power to manifest all of our desires, including money, lies within our very soul. We are all a part of god and carry within us the gift of creative energy but most people are completely unaware of this power or how to use it. Most people will tell you if you want money you have to work hard. They insist that working hard is the key to getting what they desire. Those people don’t understand the power of manifestation, the power of generating a magnetic charge in and around your body which pulls the things you desire towards you. This secret power can truly t

Soul Connections: How It's Done

There are many ways to connect to people, but the depth of this connection depends on the relationship you have with yourself. The deeper you go within, the easier it will be to get to know someone else. Connection is all about learning how to bypass one's façade and feel the immutable essence that birthed that someone into the world. In order to do so, self-inquiry and self-knowledge are necessary. Merging with any living being requires getting out of your head and into your heart space. As this process unfolds, you will experience the state of Oneness – absolute communion with a soul that you thought to be separate from yourself. 7 simple steps for Connecting to your own soul: Stillness: C

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