Healing Meditation: Connecting to Your Angels

Angel Guide & Healing Meditation Christians the world over know the story of Jesus Christ and how his very birth was heralded by legions of angels rejoicing and proclaiming the birth of the King. In all the major religions of the world stories of angels abound. There are Arch Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim and hordes of angels whose job it is to guard over and even guide the human race. Angels don't just sing at Christmastime however, have been charged to protect, guide and heal mankind, and for most Americans, they're a year-round presence. A recent Associated Press-GFK poll shows that 77% of adults believe these ethereal beings are real. While a belief in angels is often tied to religion, w

Understanding Animal Totems

In order to understand what animal Totems aka Animal Spirit Guides are you must first understand that every living being on the planet, be it human, plant, insect, or animal, possesses spiritual energy in the form of a soul. With that understanding, I am going to talk about what animal spirit guides are, and how they can help you. What are Animal Spirit Guides? Animal Spirit Guides Animal spirit guides are also called animal totems, or power animals, and Native Americans were the first to recognize the power of animal spirit guides. They were the first people to pay tribute to them. To establish a link to the spiritual world, ancient Native Americans would imitate animals in ceremonial ritua

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