10 Ways to Develop Psychic Abilities

Do I have special psychic gifts? Can I learn to develop them? These are questions many ask today. Questions you may also have asked. The simple answer is Yes. The truth is, every soul carries within it the divine spark of God, as such, every soul has the powers of God within its makeup. While in spirit all souls have easy and complete access to these powers or psychic abilities, the hard part is learning how to use them while on earth. So, what happens when the soul enters a physical body? Do we still have access to our innate psychic abilities or God powers? The answer is Yes, but we must learn how to access and use them while in the physical form. These bodies act as a sort of filter,

Psychic Empaths: Are You One of Them?

Have you ever come into a room and suddenly felt a change in your emotions for no apparent reason, only to discover the people there were having an argument, or were very happy about something, and now you feel the same way?! If so, You may be an Empath. Empaths are very sensitive to the emotional energy put out by others, and often spend many years of their lives falling victim to the roller-coaster of feeling the emotions of others. Even if they realize that many of the emotions they are feeling are not their own, it can still be difficult to not feel it. In time however, with conscious understanding and practicing emotional self-awareness this can be a tremendous gift which Empaths can us

Is Your Child Psychic?

Have you suspected your child may have Psychic abilities? Do they seem to know things they shouldn't, speak about seeing people who passed away before they were born, or even speak with animals? If so they are probably psychic. Every human being has psychic ability and most demonstrate this to some degree as children. It is a natural part of our spirits and children are often quite tapped into it. If encouraged and even aided in its development your psychic child could hold onto these abilities well into adulthood. But before you can help them develop their abilities you need to know if they are actually psychic or not. Determining whether your child has psychic abilities can be challengi

Animal Signs Sent from Your Loved Ones

The Dead can use animals to contact you. Learn how to know when animals are truly sent from spirit. It's Not Just doing what Animals Do. The idea of animals acting as intermediaries and messengers from the afterlife has been around since the neolithic age (and possibly even earlier) animals are sentient beings, who can feel, sense, perceive and pick up on information beyond the scope of our human physical senses and are often used as messengers by the souls of our loved ones in spirit. Animals, plants, and insects all perceive reality differently than we do. But we're not all at a loss here. There are times in all of our lives when our senses expand and we become more sensitive to the world

Signs of a Negative Karmic Relationship

How to know when your in a Negative Karmic Relationship. There are many kinds of Karmic Love Relationships some are quite positive, peaceful and loving, while others are between to souls coming to work through Negative Karma and to break old outdated and harmful patters. Let's look at the latter kind to learn how to recognize a negative karmic relationship. Negative Karmic relationships are the type of soulmate relationships that no one wants, but everyone has. They can be difficult, emotionally taxing, abusive, controlling, manipulative, and full of opportunities to learn and grow! You'll know you're in a negative karmic relationship if: It’s starts hot and heavy, then escalates to on agai

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