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   Many people ask me about how I became a psychic; the truth is I was born that way. I have been receiving psychic messages with spirits for as long as I can remember. I first realized I knew things before they happened around age 6. Fortunately, I was born to a long line of psychic women for whom this was not so unusual, thus, I was not discouraged from using my gifts.

By age nine I began to (pretend) to read my friends palms in school. That is until someone's mom found out and complained about this occult child and my grandmother discouraged this activity. At twelve. I bought a book on palm reading and realized I had not been pretending I had been reading palms right all along; a result of a past life as a gypsy in the middle ages.


By age fourteen I was well into my spiritual journey seeking to understand God, my abilities and my place in the world. I discovered, whereas I did not believe in organized religion, I did and do believe wholeheartedly in God and the teachings of Christ and many masters. I know my abilities are gifts from God and have never feared using them.
By age fifteen I began to give clairvoyant psychic readings and by sixteen, I was reading professionally.


I have since given thousands of readings to people from all walks of life, from CEOs to housewives to Hollywood celebrities and from all over the globe. My accuracy rate, (according to my clients) ranges from 89-93% accurate in everyday issues to 96%+ accurate on health issues.

As a spiritual channel/medium, I have been blessed to connect my clients with the souls of their loved ones in spirit. It is truly a joy to help those still in the physical world connect once again with love ones and to know they are well and still watching over them.


In the area of romance, I have dozens of
couples I have seen together before they ever
meet, half the time even seeing the name of
their Mr. or Mrs. Right long before they got


Additionally, I greatly enjoy giving pet readings.
Being able to communicate their issues to you;
be it health, emotional, or just a chance to say “I love you” is so helpful. Pets both in this world and the next are so happy to speak to you.


After 35 years of giving readings, I still feel blessed to be able to help people connect with loved ones who have passed away, to gain spiritual insights and to help them with everyday issues that may be troubling them.

I would love to be able to help you in any way I can.


Turning 50 this year I am now entering the second stage of my life, I recently went back to school, receiving a degree in Ancient History from SDSU, to add to my degree in Social & Behavioral Sciences, and a life-long study of any spiritual and religious text I can find.

I am a mother of two grown (perfect) daughters, a fully spoiled Chihuahua, and one annoyed cat.
I enjoy writing and am working on a couple books I hope will be helpful and entertaining to all. And I will always do what I love best-giving readings.


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Laura Zibalese

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