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Life After Death - 5 Amazing Facts

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Part 2 of the Afterlife series

life after death

Death is an inevitable part of life, since earliest times people have wondered what happens after death and many have sought proof of the afterlife.

What happens when we die?

Do we go into the light? Do we fade into nothingness? Or do we awaken in another body, in another life?

Ironically, death has always been one of life’s greatest mysteries and our greatest certainty. People worldwide have pondered the mystery of death since the beginning. Even Neanderthals show evidence of a belief in life after death, burring their loved ones with tools, precious items, and food to sustain their souls in the afterlife. They even placed them in a fetal position as if ready for rebirth.

Neanderthal burial

Ancient civilizations worldwide used to prepare for life after death, or the afterlife, as they commonly referred to it, in pretty much the same way as people prepare for daily living. Although the preparations were far more elaborate.

The ancient Egyptians built grand tombs filled with as many of their worldly goods as they could afford. Often Egyptians put more funds into outfitting the afterlife then their current life on earth.

Many cultures placed riches, luxury, and personal items in their burial sites so they could live comfortably in the afterlife.

The ancients had no doubt that:

Your Soul is Eternal – You Do Live Forever!

There is far more evidence, scientific and university studies, medical records, and verified evidence of the soul's existence before and after the physical body, as well as, life beyond the earth plane.

While a fear of death is natural, as we humans have a built-in instinct to survive and are always afraid of the unknown, most of us strongly sense there is more to us then these bodies - even if they are not sure what.

I hope this bit of evidence will peak your interest and help you begin a journey of discovery of your own, and a desire to delve deeper into the mass amount of evidence that exists.

Here are a few simple facts:

  • your soul continues to exist after death.

  • you will be united with your loved ones in spirit once more.

  • you will find happiness and contentment in the spirit world.

  • you will be reborn again to continue your path to heightened spirituality.

Things You May Not Know About Life After Death

You will be greeted by loved ones in spirit.

Death-bed visions include seeing deceased loved ones or the heaven's opening up.

Over the course of human history, there have been thousands of paranormal occurrences and experiences that support the existence of life after death. The facts below are amazing evidence of the existence of an afterlife. I would like to hit some highlight of Near-Death Experiences –NDEs and some of the research that has been done.

  1. We Are All Reincarnated

Reincarnation is the process where after death, the human soul is eventually reborn into another body. The only part of you that dies is your physical body, while your soul is immortal. Your soul will be reborn, over and over, until it has mastered all the lessons it needs from the physical world. The goal being perfection- to become as God is.

reincarnation by the numbers

All over the world, there are hundreds of documented and verified cases of reincarnation, but the ones concerning young children are the most convincing of all.

The things these children remember from their past life are often highly accurate, and there is no way for them to have learned the information by themselves.

One such case is that of Ryan, a 10-year-old boy who comes from Oklahoma. Ryan believes he is the reincarnation of Marty Martyn, a Hollywood actor who died in 1964.

At the age of 4, Ryan began having nightmares. Nightmares he couldn’t explain. A year later, Ryan told his mother, Cyndi, that he used to be somebody else.

The 5-year-old would then plead with Cyndi, “Take me home to Hollywood.” Ryan would also tell his mother about meeting Rita Hayworth, dancing on Broadway, traveling abroad, and working in an agency.

One day, while browsing a library book with old movie publicity shots, Ryan pointed to a man in the 1932 film Night After Night. The little boy told his bewildered mother, ”That’s me, that’s who I was.”

This revelation prompted Cyndi to contact Dr. Jim Tucker, a child psychologist at the University of Virginia. After tracking down the identity of Martyn, Dr. Tucker confirmed Ryan’s statements. Dr. Tucker further stated that none of these details could be found on the internet.

There are literally thousands of such stories many with even more detailed information and verification not just from the child's current families but in some cases from the child's family in their former life.

2. Recent Discoveries About Near Death Experiences

A near-death experience is a profound event that occurs when a person is close to death, has been pronounced clinically dead, or has been in a grave situation where death is the most likely or expected outcome.

These individuals have gone through serious illness or injury and died as a result. Many of these deaths are documented by officials such as doctors, emergency medical technicians, police officers, and others who confirm the death occurred.

People who have been in a near-death situation often report the following:

  • They feel intense emotions.

  • They feel as though they are moving through space.

  • They are surrounded by white light or complete darkness.

  • They feel as if they are moving through landscapes.

  • They feel the presence of others.

In the 1960s, my own great-grandmother died on the operating table during open heart surgery and was declared clinically dead for five minutes. During this time she said she had left the body, could see the doctors working on her, and then ascended to heaven. Being a religious woman she had expectations of what she would see, and there before her, were the Pearly Gates, as big and beautiful as she ever expected them to be.

The only problem was, they were closed. On the other-side peering through the golden bars, was her beloved husband who had passed away years before. She asked him to open the gates and let her in, but he told her it was not yet her time, she still had work to do, and that he would be waiting for her. She saw many others there sending her love.

She said she did not want to come back to earth but suddenly felt herself being pulled back to her body where the doctors were doing all they could to revive her dead heart.

More than ten years later in the 1970s, she told me, a nine-year-old girl, this story with all the heartfelt sincerity, and tears in her eyes for how beautiful she said heaven was and admonished me to never be afraid of death as there are so many loving souls waiting for you.

How Reincarnation works

Over the past few years alone, numerous studies of near-death experiences have been conducted by medical professionals to validate life after death. Here are some of the biggest studies conducted on near-death experiences:

  • Brought back to life after heart failure in the Netherlands - In 2001, a notable medical journal published a study of 344 patients, all of which had some sort of memory while they were clinically dead, and with no brain activity. The tests revealed there was no medical explanation for near-death experiences in patients who were brought back to life after being pronounced dead.

  • The worlds largest study of near-death experiences - In another groundbreaking study, 2060 patients from the US, UK, and Austria, who survived cardiac arrest, reported awareness after being pronounced clinically dead. Many of these facts were verified by those present. Published in the medical journal, Resuscitation, the study stresses that the experiences remembered by patients who had near-death experiences deserve a genuine investigation without prejudice.

3. Death-bed visions-

Many people believe that the physical and spiritual world become linked as death draws near. Individuals often report seeing their departed loved ones, the presence of angels or other spiritual beings, even the heavens opening up for them.

Nobody leaves this world alone.

Two experts in the fields of Physics and Clinical Psychology carefully collected and examined 5,000 cases of death-bed visions. These death-bed visions were observed by 17,000 physicians and nurses for nearly 2 decades and were summarized and documented. These experts grouped the remarkable information they found on death-bed visions into three categories and their conclusions are as follows.

Biological factors

  • There is no evidence that a lack of oxygen-induced death-bed visions.

  • Patients who were given painkilling drugs were not more likely to have visions than patients who were not given medications.

  • The numbers of visions were reduced in patients with brain malfunction.

Psychological factors

  • In some cases, death-bed visions came to those who did not know they were dying.

  • A belief in the afterlife did not make a difference.

  • Stress was not a factor in those who experienced these visions.

Cultural factors

  • Death-bed visions often do not fit the religious beliefs of the person having the vision. Even avowed atheists have had death-bed visions.

4. Out of Body Experiences

An out-of-body experience can be seen as proof that soul exists and separates from the body. This experience is a regular factor in Near Death Experiences.

While an out-of-body experience is not a direct indicator of life after death, it provides evidence that a “spirit” exists independently and separately, from the human body. The human spirit, or the soul, can also separate from the body while the body remains alive.

out of body expriance-

This has probably happened to you. Think of the times when you have suddenly jerked awake as you began to nod off, this jerking is your soul suddenly coming back into the body due to some sort of outside stimulus. It can often leave you momentarily disoriented. Some people even learn how to control their out-of-body-experience and do what is known as astral travel at will.

The main difference between out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences is, during an out-of-body experience, a person can will the soul to separate from the body, while the NDE is spontaneous.

5. Communicating With A Departed Loved One

Perhaps some of the most compelling evidence showing there’s life after death is the ability to communicate with a departed loved one. This is also one of the most common experiences in human history, as communicating with a departed loved one has been reported for thousands of years, in all parts of the world.

One recent study shows that approximately 20% of the population of the United States, or roughly 60 million Americans, have communicated with a loved one who had already passed away. In a span of 7 years, the researchers interviewed 2,000 people who believe they have been contacted by a deceased loved one.

As a professional Psychic Medium, I have spoken to literally thousands of spirits/souls in my 38+ year career and I am often as surprised as the client, at the amount of accurate information given by spirit and verified by the clients. Often names, images to describe them, and events or items that I have no way of knowing are given to confirm for the client that I am indeed speaking to their loved one.

One of the most convening aspects of this is that 98% of my clients are complete strangers to me and often not even in the room, as I read for people all over the globe.


After reading these facts about life after death, you may have had a few realizations of your own. Maybe you’ve had some of these similar experiences, or perhaps you’ve found answers to some of your questions about life after death.

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