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Psychic Shop

1 1/2 Hours
Psychic Reading

In Depth Psychic Medium Reading

Best for speaking with

Loved Ones in Spirit

and in depth questions



Psychic Phone


Medium, clairvoyant reading

any questions, any subject


30 min.


Phone Reading

Let's Speak with Spirit

Quick answers to your questions


Past Life Reading

3 Lives

 The Akashic Records Masters

Reveal who you were

heal the present by looking at

your past lives.

In-depth & detailed- you choose

the focus, up to three subjects

in Writing delivers in 2 days


Dream Interpretation

Dream Analysis

A complete explanation of one

Dream in writing

Learn what your spirit is trying to

tell you.

Give as much detail as possible
when ordering.

Written Reading delivers in 2 days


Pet Reading

30 min phone

If you ever wanted to speak with

your beloved Pet either living or

in spirit this reading is your chance. Any issues -

health, behavioral, or just talk with your pet.


Written Psychic


Psychic Medium Reading

In writing great for those who want to have a record of their questions and for international clients who
do not want to call.

3 Questions in Writing

Delivers in 2 days


Celestial-Star Seed Past Life Reading

Star-seed Reading

Very few souls begin their journey here on earth most have lived on another world. These lives are recorded in your Akashic Records.

If you have ever felt drawn to the stars and felt your true home was on another world. You are most likely a star-seed, this reading can give you insights into these ancient other world lives and how they relate to you now.

Written Reading delivers in 3 days


Hello, I’m Laura, a God-Gifted Psychic. I have been giving Professional Psychic Readings for Over 45 Years.


I have been speaking with spirits my entire life. If you are struggling, I can help. Whatever your issues are or if you just want to connect with a loved one in spirit. Rest assured that I will be honest, detailed, and accurate in your reading.

I use all of my skills to give the most thorough reading possible to contact your loved ones, & spirit guides to answer your questions on:


I would love to help you connect with the Other-Side.

I will always tell you the truth of what I see. Not just what you want to hear. I'm a psychic who truly cares & wants to help.

For International calls I use WhatsApp

My abilities include:

  • Psychic Medium

  • Clairvoyance

  • Medical Intuitive/Healer

  • Aura- Remote Viewer

  • Pet Psychic

  • Speak with Loved Ones

  • Love & Relationships

  • Family Issues

  • Work & Career

  • Health

  • See My Reviews

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