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Psychic Readings by Laura Zibalese

Let's Speak With Spirit.

Psychic Readings

  • Spiritual Channel-Medium
  • Clairvoyant
  • Palmist
  • Medical Intuitive
  • Aura-Remote Viewer
  • Pet Psychic-Communicator
  • Past Life & Future Life reader
  • Over 40 Years Experience

Meet Laura

Hi, I'm Laura, a God Gifted Psychic Medium with over 40 years of experience giving professional psychic readings. I feel blessed to be able to do the work I love and feel absolutely called to do.


I would be honored to help you connect with loved ones on the other side and to help you find the answer to questions about your life that you may be struggling with. Thank you for choosing

Laura Zibalese Psychic Reader

Mission Statement:

This site is for all those who are on their spiritual journey and are looking for a more soul-centered life.

Here you will find a grounded approach to spirituality, that's fun and enlightening.

For those who are drawn to the New Age, but are turned off by the more "Woo Woo" gurus floating high above you, who seem too vague and general for your common sense to bear. We will attempt to be 70% Spiritual, 20% Fun, and, Ok yes, 10%  Woo Woo.

My goal is to be a signpost along your spiritual path, pointing in many directions all leading to a more personal connection with your life, soul, the spirit world and God.


Thank you for viewing.

"Laura is very down to earth and her information and
abilities are very insightful and accurate!
Thank you for the inspiring session and advice."
God Bless, Cynthia M. San Diego, Ca.