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3 Simple Steps to Channeling

Speaking with spirit.

Since prehistoric times Mediums have used an ancient technique for communicating with those in the spirit world known as channeling. Channelers have gone by many titles such as; mediums, soothsayers, oracles, prophets, and seers among others, all of whom utilize a form of communication known as divination. Divination simply means "divine communication"-one who speaks with and for the divine.

Channeling was performed by shamans, priests, holy men and women, saints, biblical prophets, early Christians and Christ himself.

Many people believe this is a gift only given to very special or holy people like those I’ve named, but that is not so. Everyone has the gift of speaking with spirit; it’s a part of your soul. But like any gift from God, one must learn how to use it. All you need is a bit of practice. Just as nearly anyone could learn how to chop out "Chop Sticks" on the piano; it takes lots of practice to become a virtuoso. True, we will not all become the Mozart’s of channeling, but with a little practice, we can all learn how to play a tune.

So let’s all get inspired (meaning- in spirit) and learn how to communicate with the divine.

Before you begin I would like to teach you how to bring an impenetrable shield of protection around you that will keep you connected only with spirits who are of the highest good and honesty. Imagine a beam of pure white light coming straight down from God/The Source, like a laser-beam. Imagine this beam entering the top of your head, going down through your body, out the bottom of your feet, and it comes up to surround you like a force-field or a bubble of protective, pure radiant, healing light. Then ask that only that which is for your highest good be allowed to come through. There you go, you are protected.

Now you are ready to start.

There are three simple steps to channeling: each exercise should last for three weeks, for about 15 minutes each day, for a total of nine weeks. It helps to do your exercises around the same time each day. Find a quiet, relaxing place where you will not be disturbed, then close your eyes (if you like) sit back, relax, and have fun. Remember this is a fun exercise, if you are not in the mood to do the exercise one day- then take a day off. It is better to miss a day than to try to force it.


  1. Visualization: Your first exercise is visualization, learning to see in pictures. Spirit often communicates visually so this is an important step. Each day, choose an item- it can be anything; any place, any person, but it should not be something you can literally see in front of you.

For example, say you choose a rose,

visualize that rose in its smallest detail. See the subtle colors, textures, even the smell and feel of the rose. Notice the stem, the thorns, and even the emotions that the rose inspires, until it becomes real to you. Don’t worry if this is difficult for you, or if you have trouble seeing the details in your mind’s eye, in time, you will.

Use the same technique for visualizing people or places; see all the details, the sights, sounds, colors, textures, of the environment and the emotions surrounding it. It is a good idea to change your item, at least, every three days to keep your imagination active. Remember this is a fun exercise. If you start to feel stressed or frustrated by it, stop for the day and try again tomorrow. This should always be fun- never stressful.

  1. Letting go of the Conscious Mind: One of the reasons so many people have trouble channeling spirit is because they tried to do it by going through the conscious mind while spirit speaks to us through the subconscious mind. You must learn how to listen to the subtle forms of communication that come through the subconscious mind. This happens when we learn to let go of the need to analyze and explain, or even understand where exactly the information came from.

Trust spirit to tell you the truth, and most of all trust yourself to perceive it. Don’t worry about where the information came from or if you’re interpreting it incorrectly. No channel is one hundred percent accurate. (Remember free will can change events.) Now sit down, get comfortable, put the light of protection around you, relax and have fun. You are going to take a 10 to 15-minute mini-vacation each day for the next three weeks.

I want you to go back to when you were a small child and your mind was not so full of all your daily responsibilities. Let go of them and trust. Free your mind and allow it to wander wherever it wants to go. If you find yourself thinking about your bills or business appointments, calmly set them aside and let your mind go back to having fun. Imagine anyplace, anyone, and anything you want to. No matter how silly it may be. There are many who will say you must "clear your mind," not true, you simply need to let the thoughts float in- let spirit whisper, and give you the information. A spirit will often speak to us by showing us little scenes or scenarios through visual images which we often mistake for daydreaming. Training your mind to accept what seems like a daydream helps us perceive this form of communication.

Remember this is a fun exercise, if you are stressing over it or it is frustrating you just stop for the day and try again tomorrow.

3. Asking Your Questions: This is what you have been waiting for; now we get to speak with spirit! For the next three weeks, for 10-15 minutes a day, after getting yourself comfortable and putting your light of protection around yourself, you will ask your questions of spirit. For the first two weeks, your questions should be short and straightforward, yes or no types of questions. At this stage you can ask the same question for up to three days in a row, but if you are not receiving an answer let it go and ask again at a later date.

Spirit speaks softly, but not always in words. Relax and be open to all forms of communication. You may feel the answer, perhaps as a gut feeling or even a physical sensation, or you may see the words, hear them, or just have them subtly pop into your head. Sometimes it will be a case of- you just know. Your answer may begin with just one word, or an entire sentence, or even an entire message that just appears in your mind all at once. You might receive a feeling of the answer. You may receive images or a symbol of some kind. That’s quite normal. Don’t worry about how you perceive the answer or if you feel you are not receiving one at all. If you do not feel like you are getting an answer to your question, don’t freak out, you’re not doing it wrong. The answer may come to you later when you’re not even trying. Perhaps during your sleep or at some other time during the day. This too is normal. Sometimes trying too hard or having too high of expectations can block us from receiving the answer. Don’t let this frustrate you. For the last week. you can ask more elaborate questions. Try to make these questions very clear, not broad, vague or general questions- for if you do, you will receive broad, vague, general answers. Spirit takes you quite literally; so be careful how you ask your questions, make them as clear as possible. If you are having trouble receiving answers for yourself, try asking for someone else. Often you will have greater success asking questions for others than you do for yourself, this is not unusual. You may have better luck trying to communicate with spirits who are not closely related to yourself, as your emotions and expectations will be less intense, thus making it easier for you to communicate with spirit.

Spirit will only speak the truth to you, but you may not always like the answers.

Asking the same question repeatedly or in five different ways, because you didn’t like the answer given, will not change the answer. Spirit is on to that little trick, sorry. If you truly didn’t like the answer a better thing to do is ask, “What can I do to change it for the better?” Spirit will usually help you with this, even if it’s just to give advice on how to deal with the situation.

Understand, not all questions will be answered. It may not be time for you to have the information, or the answer may interfere with your karma and the choices you will make, which spirit is not allowed to do. Wait a few weeks, and then ask your unanswered question again. If you still don’t get an answer, let it go. You’ll receive the answer if and when the time is right.

Now go and talk with spirit and always remember to relax and have fun!

One final note, there are two kinds of channeling one can do. You will most likely fall into one of them naturally, but you can choose which one is right for you, simply by letting spirit know unequivocally which you want to do. One form of channeling is trance channeling when a spirit/soul enters your body and uses your voice to communicate. When this happens your consciousness (not your soul) will be suppressed, it will be as if you are not even on the premises. This can be quite unnerving for many people so if you do not want this experience or do not like it (if it happens) simply tell them “NO I do not want to be this kind of channel.” I wouldn’t worry too much about this, however, as it is a more rare form of channeling. Another form of this type is when the soul/spirit enters your body while you remain and have some control over what is being said- again not the most common form of channeling. Basically, you share the body and the mind, and can remember much of what is said. The third kind of channeling, and probably most common form, is to receive messages while in the awake but relaxed state of mind without any spirit entering your body. The communication happens in your own mind. Through thought messages, visual imagery, and feelings.

You can do this- Spirit is waiting to speak with you.

Thank you for reading.


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