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What is a Spirit Guide?

Angels & Spirit Guides

A peek at the Afterlife: Part 2

Spirit Guides & Angels

Nearly every religion and culture of the world tells of spiritual guardians sent from God to be our unseen companions while we are here on earth. Although there are many times in our lives when we feel abandoned, lost, and completely alone in the universe, we are never truly alone, there are always Divine Entities at our side. These entities volunteered to accompany us before we were even born. They are that unseen force at our side, from the moment we enter this world until the day we return to spirit. They do their best to guide and protect us, mostly from our own folly and help us grow and evolve as souls.

What is a Spirit Guide?

Spirit Guides watching over you.

Spirit Guides are highly evolved souls who have completed or nearly completed their cycle of incarnations in the psychical world and no longer need to incarnate. These souls now serve as teachers and guides to further their own growth as well as ours. he moment our souls awaken to their own individual identity we are assigned a Spirit Guide- our teacher, mentor, and eternal friend.

They are every bit, as "real" as you or I- they are just functioning at a higher vibrational level on another plane of existence. That plane of existence is the very place you came from, the same place you will return to when you leave this world. One day you too may become a Spirit Guide. God is a great decelerator, there are a vast number of “jobs” in the spiritual realm, and guides are just one of them. Albeit an important one!

They work to guide you via your dreams and intuition.

That quiet voice you hear is often the voice of your Spirit guides. That gut feeling is often your guide's doing. At times of uncertainty, they speak to us through signs and symbols that suddenly show up in a constant flow until you get the message.

Lighten Up! Feather from Spirit.

For instance, if your guide wishes to convey the message to "Lighten Up!" you may suddenly be bombarded with images of feathers until you acknowledge their presence and listen to their guidance. My guide Silva will send songs relating to whatever issue I am dealing with. I will hear it everywhere even in my own head.

Everyone has a main guide who was assigned to your soul from the beginning of it's awakening. While we are incarnate, we can have any number of guides. In my experience as a psychic who has given thousands of readings, I find most people have from two to a few dozen guides depending on their individual life needs. Before we are born we have planned/outlined our lives and knowing what our goals will be, we receive guides to aid us along the way.

Spirit Guides help with our life goals.

Say you want to be a concert pianist in this incarnation; then a guide who has achieved that goal will work with you. The guide may be there during your childhood and years of music lessons then leave when you achieve your goal while another guide may take over to aid in a new goal. The number of guides really depends on the path and purpose of your life.

Each Spirit guide is a highly specialized individual there to give you the exact guidance you need along your own personal journey. Some people may have need of only one or two guides while others will need an entire team of souls to guide them through this life.

Did my grandma become my guide when she died?

Spirits of loved ones watch over us after they pass. Laura Zibalese

Rarely does a loved one become a guide after they pass away. While they do watch over us and can send us messages about our lives and offer some guidance the role of Spirit Guide is one that souls specifically work towards over many lives and after a great deal of training in the spiritual realm. Many people are guides in training themselves and will do this work once they have achieved completion of their physical incarnations.

Are Angels and Archangels Guides?

Arch Angel Michael.

Some individuals do have Angels and Archangels who work alongside their main Spirit Guide. Since early childhood the Archangel Michael has been an active part of my life, although I am often guided as to what to do by him, he does not work as my spirit guide. That job falls to my dear friend in spirit Alec. The Archangel aids me in helping and guiding others in my work and keeping me from straying from my chosen path. His repeated phrases and strong moral and ethical compass helped guide me in the development of my psychic abilities and still guide me in my work.

As children, we were told of Guardian Angels who watched over us and kept us safe.

Angels watch over us and guide us.

Whereas there are angels who guard over us, especially during childhood, angels are not generally, spirit guides. However, they can be called in times of distress to assist you for a short time. If you have an Archangel or Angel as a guide, chances are your mission in life is a complex one. Through my experience as a psychic reader and spiritual advisor- I have found that individuals with a challenging life path often have Angels working in conjunction with their spirit guides.

Whether you acknowledge their presence or not, your spirit guide is always with you. You cannot summon them to you or drive them away- they are part of you and your life's journey. Most people spend their entire lives ignorant of their Spirit Guide, however, you can choose to gain the knowledge of who they are and what their role in your life is. You can interact with your spirit guides in a more proactive way on a conscious level.

If you want to know who your guides are, just ask.

Sit down in a quiet and meditative space and ask that they reveal themselves to you. Do not get discouraged if you do not figure it out right away. Beings from the spiritual realm often communicate through signs and symbols. Once you ask- you must trust your own wisdom. Pay attention to the pictures that appear in your mind. You may hear a name. Some spirit names sound more like sounds, so don’t be upset if that happens- you are getting it. One of my guide's names is a loud buzzing sound. I only hope it sounds better in spirit.

Spirit Guides communicate in many ways.

They may reveal themselves to you with an image. If you see a man in a suit- stay with that- it could be he is a philosopher or scientist, or a businessman here to aid in your career. You may see a Native American Indian, a Buddhist Monk or you may see nothing at all. Keep your mind and intuition open. Pay attention to things that keep coming up after you have asked that they reveal who they are. If you are having a challenge discovering who they are you can also contact a professional psychic/intuitive to assist you.

Working with your spirit guides can be an incredible tool for your own personal and spiritual growth.

Sprit Guides watch over individuals and the world.

Unlike those of us in the physical- their wisdom and advice are not influenced by the "world," they dwell in a higher vibrational plane and the mundane particulars of our lives are not relevant. For example- if you seek guidance from your spirit guide regarding a relationship- they will lead you to focus on what you are learning, what you need to learn, what you are teaching your partner, and what is the true meaning of your relationship. The fact that they eat chips in bed or are terrible at budgeting the household finances will be irrelevant. Your Guides will provide you with the actions YOU can take to gain a better understanding.

You can also ask your Spirit Guides to assist you in physical healing. Before you go to sleep, ask that as you are sleeping- you receive healing. Be open to it and accept the healing your guide can give.

Remember, you are never alone. Never!

Take comfort in knowing and understanding that the other side does indeed exist. Spirit Guides are real. So much magic and mystery live in the universe, just for a moment, let the "world" disappear. Raise your vibration and allow the beautiful gifts of spirit to wash over you. Life is so much more than what we see. Open your spiritual eyes and hearts and you will discover a world of wisdom, peace, and beauty that you were never even aware of.

Faith consists in Belivieng even when it is beyond reason to do so.

Of course, you can always choose to not believe. It is always your choice. You have free will, even spirit won't interfere with that. But, why not believe? Why not step into another level of existence? Why not find your Spirit Guide? You do not have to announce it to the world, but you can embrace the wonders of spirit in your own heart. Your Spirit Guides are waiting. Let them envelop you in a light of love and understanding- and transform you into a more connected and loving soul.

Thank you for reading.

Monthly Series: A peek at the Afterlife: Part 2

Angels & Spirit Guides

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