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Reiki: Ancient Healing for a Modern Age

Alternative Healing Pt. 1: Reiki

In our modern world, there is a rapidly growing interest in alternative healing modalities. One of these modalities is Reiki, an ancient form of healing which has grown in popularity around the globe, particularly since scientist have confirmed the existence of the Universal Life Force energy which Reiki is based on. It can be utilized to heal all levels of the body, mind, emotions and spirit of all living beings, be they human, animal, or plant.

What is Reiki?

The term Reiki is the Japanese word for Universal Life Force Energy. It is a very simple and easily acquired healing method that uses universal life energy, the energy which permeates our entire universe and all living things. This universal life energy is called "qi" or "chi" in China, "prana" in India, and "ki" in Japan, where Reiki gets its name. It circulates in an energy field througout the body and surrounding it and all living things.

Ok so you're thinking, "that sounds a lot like something Yoda would say about the Force," and that’s exactly right. This life force energy is what George Lucas was talking about when he gave Yoda and the Jedi their powers. This is where the idea for “The Force” came from. But Reiki i.e. life force energy is not the stuff of fiction, it is quite real.

This energy field, long known to healers and mystics, is now verified through recent scientific experiments.

Scientists have proven that everything in the universe, at a sub-atomic level, is made up of energy. Health is the harmonious flow of life energy, while imbalances in this flow, due to unhealthy habits or negative emotions lead to illness. This subtle energy is responsible for the processes in our body on all levels: physical, emotional and mental. Reiki channels universal life energy through the hands of the practitioner into the body of the receiver and balances the energy flow in the body.

Reiki is part of a holistic system of healing that covers the entire person: the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual levels are all incorporated. The body is made up of an interwoven web of energy, in order to maintain and return to health, all levels of our being must be addressed.

What is Reiki?

Reiki is a type of holistic therapy that based on the concept of Eastern energy flow through the seven chakras. Chakras are the energy centers in the human body. According to some Reiki experts, the human body has a focal point which Reiki concentrates healing on.

Reiki was invented and formulated by various Japanese healers. But the most influential among them was Mikao Usui. He incorporated the basic Reiki meditation techniques, beliefs, and symbols around the year of 1880, however, most of the techniques in this meditation therapy are considerably older.

The processes of this therapy are very distinctive compared to other forms of alternative meditation. Reiki meditation normally concentrates on self-healing, concentration, the five spiritual principles, and the accreditation of healers through a process of initiation.

Is Reiki part of a religion?

Reiki is not part of any religion or cult. The very essence of Reiki is healing using natural methods. With the firm conviction that even though Reiki is spiritual in nature, it does not advocate any kind of belief system.

Faith here depends on the individuals capacity to believe in the effectiveness of Reikis healing towards himself. There is no particular teaching or Dogma that you must learn in order to be cured by Reiki.

Like in any other form of healing, it is only natural to ask for God's guidance. Due to Reikis therapeutic techniques and a sense of Divine intervention, most people associate Reiki with God because of the unexplainable healing process and effect that it provides them after undergoing the treatment. Although Reiki is not a religion or associated with any religon, Gods presence is still felt during Reiki treatments.

Part of the term Reiki is derived from the Japanese term “Rei”, which means God's Wisdom or the Higher Power. The name itself suggests the participation and guidance of God in healing but does not necessarily imply that it is a religion. The “Ki” means life force energy. To join and decipher these two terms we have the 'spiritually guided life force energy.

While Reiki is not a type of religion, healers have established five spiritual attributes.

These principles are:

• Just for today do not worry.

• Just for today do not be angry.

• Honor your parents, teachers, and all the elders.

• Learn how to earn your living honestly.

• Be kind to your neighbors and to every living thing.

What are the primary principles of Reiki?

The main purpose of this therapy is to be able to heal emotional and spiritual energy flow. The sub-purpose of this therapy is to gain physical stamina and resistance from pain. This therapy can also transmit the flow of universal life force energy called “ki” in Japanese.

Most Reiki therapy teachers believe that “ki” flows through the universe, and the therapy connects the energy to the human body, which can be used in the healing of animals as well as people.

Reiki is already proven effective in curing people through all walks of life. The goal of Reiki is to make people realize that in healing your spirit, you should possess all the willingness and commitment to the healing experience.

To establish a lasting effect of the Reiki treatment, a client must take responsibilities by participating in all the activities needed in the healing process. It should be a collaborative effort between the healer and the client.

Who can do Reiki? Can I do it on myself?

Self-healing is practiced by Reiki healers. During this practice they place their hand in a traditional position, stimulating their own body energy.

Reiki can also be practiced through group and distance healing. In group healing, there are two or more Reiki practitioners placing their hand over the body of the patient. While distance or absentee healing involves the visualizing by the patient of his or her illness through the Reiki symbol.

Reiki healers are divided into three levels of therapy practice through attunements.

The Three Levels of Reiki Healers:

Level I - The Reiki healer will learn the basic hand positions, the sacred symbol, and will learn to perform direct healing of others.

The Reiki II - Healers can teach the symbol of symbols and hand position in order to practice distance or absentee healing.

The Reiki III - Healers can make a commitment to the outside universal power and further. The stage three teachers are the highest level. They are given the title of “master” by the lower ranks.

Are There Risks in Reiki Healing?

Reiki therapy healing is about working on a positive force that only work for good, without violating human free will. A patient has the capability to block the energy flowing in his body, but he cannot be harmed in any way.

Reiki can be used in conjunctions with Western medicine or homeopathy; the therapy does not ask the patients to change any life or spiritual points of view. Reiki therapy is only developed to help heal.

Reiki healers regard themselves as energy channels, as they work a patient may feel a warm, tickly sensation in their hands during the treatment or nothing at all, that doesn’t matter it is still working.

Reiki therapy does not cause any harm to the patient while Reiki healers can not promise to heal their patient over a short span of time the patient will often receive healing over the following weeks.

Reiki Works on Four Different Levels:

The physical level: Reiki strengthens the immune system and relieves pain. The function of glands and organs are balanced and harmonized. Reiki heals by unblocking energy channels, the meridians, and balancing the chakras. When performed regularly, toxins are removed from the body and good health and well-being is maintained.

The emotional level: Destress reduction and relaxation are one of the greatest healing benefits of Reiki, it strengthens the immune system and helps maintain good health. depression and emotional imbalances begin to feel more stable and relaxed as Reiki clears away energy blockages and suppressed emotions.

The mental level: Through self Reiki, you gain more clarity and find it easier to overcome obstacles and achieve goals. You become more positive and reach a different outlook on life, causing you to feel more empowered.

The spiritual level: Through Reiki you can go deeper within and feel more connected to your higher self/oversoul. It aids in meditation, increases intuition and provides limitless benefits for spiritual growth.

Reiki is so simple yet so powerful, and this is what makes it a unique healing system that anyone can learn because it does not require any previous experience or special ability. The Benefits of Reiki are infinite. It allows you to take an active part in your own wellness and accelerates your growth on all levels.

There are a number of books on Reiki Energy Healing, some I would recommend are:

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Thank you for Reading,

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