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Test Your Positive Thinking

Updated: May 17, 2021

Positive Thinking can change your life in innumerable ways, it can bring peace of mind, happiness, and a freedom of spirit that negativity never can.

Test your positive thinking with this simple format developed for self-analysis of your personality, your outlook, and your attitude. Answer these question and find out How Positive You Really Are.

To find out how positive you are, answer the following questions as honestly as you can, using this scoring system:

Answers Points

  • Always or almost always- 5

  • Usually- 4

  • Sometimes- 3

  • Rarely- 2

  • Never- 1

Put your score in the block on the right:

One small positive thought.
Learn to surf lifes waves.
  1. When something unexpected forces you to change your plans, you are quick to spot a hidden advantage in this new situation? [ ]

  2. Do you like most of the people you meet? [ ]

  3. When you think about next year, do you tend to think that you will be better off than you are now? [ ]

  4. Do you often stop to admire the things of beauty? [ ]

  5. When someone finds fault with you or with something you have done, can you tell the difference between useful criticism and sour grapes, which are better ignored? [ ]

  6. Do you praise your spouse / best friend/ lover more often than you criticize him or her? [ ]

  7. Do you believe that the human race will survive well into the twenty first century [ ]

  8. Are you surprised when a friend lets you down? [ ]

  9. Do you think you are happy? [ ]

  10. Do you feel comfortable making yourself the target of your own jokes? [ ]

  11. Do you believe that, overall, your state of mind has had a positive effect on your physical health? [ ]

  1. If you made a list of your 10 favorite people, would your name be on it too? [ ]

  2. When you think back over the past few months, do you tend to remember your success before your setbacks and failures? [ ]

Total Points [ ]


If the sum of all the scores is:

Above 55: Consider yourself a superstar – someone whose optimism is a powerful healing force.

Think Positive, its the way God designed your mind to work.

50 – 55: Excellent. You are a genuine positive thinker

45 – 50: Good. You are a positive thinker, sometimes.

40 – 45: Fair. Your positive side and your negative side are about evenly matched.

Below 40: You tend to be pessimistic. Think of ways to improve your pessimistic

Approach to life. Learning to think more positively will help your overall outlook and bring more happiness to your life.

Thank you for reading

Have a great positive day!

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