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Gratitude's Blessing

Updated: May 19, 2021

Gratitude word cloud.

Life is an experience that effortlessly embraces and adapts to all of our successes, failures and changes, but what would this journey be without gratitude to show us how to appreciate and love all that this life has to offer? Gratitude is a major stepping stone in our spiritual wanderings, physical journeys, and mental excavations because it brightens the unique experiences that come out of each moment.

The incredibly selfless ability to show gratitude for the people, experiences, objects, and blessings in our life comes from the capacity to love—even in the moments of high stress. Our ability to love and maintain an unbreakable mindset of thankfulness through the toughest trails we find ourselves in keeps us from becoming stagnant and lost on our journey towards spirituality, and life itself.

The path to spiritual understanding and development is a personal entourage of lucid sensations and unwavering faith along mountainous treks, which provide an awakening to stir within our beings, enlightening our minds and spirits to grow and thrive within this busy world.

A greatful man.

How can we find gratitude when all that surrounds us seems dull? How can this emotion of gratitude aid in our personal journeys towards understanding, and how can we maintain this attitude of gratitude throughout our life's experience?

It isn't as hard as we all imagine it to be, we just tend to over complicate the simple. We must learn to stop believing that it is something we need to find.

Instead, we should learn to create gratitude.

Gratitude is not an object you happen upon, it is not a stone you find, it is only an inspired piece of work made by yourself; almost like an original painting. It is a palpable and personal emotion we all can experience; it is something we create within ourselves by glancing at the reality that surrounds us.

Here are some techniques on creating gratitude—but remember this journey is yours, what may work for others may not work for you, remain open-minded and you will find that gratitude surfaces as oil in water.

  1. Become Mindful: Mindfulness is a wonderful tool we can use to really experience the moments we find ourselves in. The sensations and energy that surrounds our physical bodies is ever flowing and always flooding our beings. Being mindful is simply appreciating the moment around you while embracing and accepting the state your entire being is finding itself to be in. Learning to look around, feel, and see the beauty around you is one way to stir up gratitude!

Gratitude quote

  1. Create a Support Group: Gratitude is easier to create when surrounded by people you love and care for; the people you are thankful for! Having someone, or many, to share your blessings and feelings with is a beautiful way to fill your soul with warm gratitude that brightens others.

grateful children
  1. Take Time For Yourself: You may not need to be alone always, however, many of us become nervous, anxious, and worried when we are alone. Change this. Do not fear space when it is empty and quiet. Having dedicated alone time ensures us with the beautiful ability to love the person we are, understand that person, and become more stable in our relationships; in turn—our journey! Try meditating...walking outdoors...reading a favorite novel...painting a picture…you are unique, special, and full of creativity. Harness love and appreciation for the person you are and watch that love affects those around you.

  2. Participate in Daily Acts of Service: What better way to fill yourself with gratitude than by giving your time and efforts to someone else who seems to need it? There are many opportunities, especially in this day and age, to go out and find service work!

Gandhi quote.

Service is doing something nice for someone, or something, without the thought or expectation of gaining something out of it; except perhaps, a warmer and fuller heart. There are many who are in need and gratitude is in each of these opportunities, indulge!

The above activities and techniques hold the ability to increase positive emotions to rise within our beings, aiding us in our ability to obtain and understand, more willingly. We become less crippled by the negative emotions or thoughts that we create and, at times, run amuck within our tempest minds.

Gratitude acts as the water that physically cleans and restores our bodies daily, spiritually cleansing and uplifting our holistic beings. As gratitude clears the pockets of stagnant and negative energy within us and purges the negative from our surrounding atmosphere, it creates room for natural energy to flow and inspire us once again; giving us the potential to free ourselves from our mountainous trek and enjoy the sensations, nature, and the reality that wraps around us.

Gratitude brings beauty

It is when gratitude is embraced, that our spiritual and physical journeys combine. It is here we find that the experience gained from this combination allows us the freedom to just enjoy that moment; what is. We then begin to focus less on the hardships and trials that try hindering our ability to move forward and more upon the blessings that walk with us; strengthening our ability.

We are capable of so much, but without gratitude's blessing, we may lose sight of our purpose. This life is full of so many grand and adventurous sensations that we tend to miss some of them, but remaining upbeat, positive, and grateful through the journey we venture on creates many beautiful moments that inspire us to grow.

With Gratitude- Bless you all.

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