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How Can Psychics Give Readings Over The Phone?

As a psychic I work in several ways to give you information over the phone.

First: I will focus on your spirits energy or aura signature, from this energy I am able to read your Akashic records, tune into health issues and use remote viewing to know what is happening with you at this time. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world; your energy is transmitted to me simply by focusing on your name, age and location. Then I am able to tune into you and access information.

Second: I work as a spiritual medium/channel, therefore, I am able to contact those in spirit who will be able to answer your questions. As they are on the other side they are able to see your past, present, and future- then pass that information on to me. I may contact your loved ones, spirit guides, angels, saints and any other spirit who wishes to aid in the reading and are present for your highest good.

Third: I will utilize all my psychic abilities for readings which include; clairvoyance, remote viewing, energy/aura reading, and channeling, during a phone reading.

I have been giving phone readings for about twenty years now. After fifteen years of only giving readings in person, I began to receive requests for phone readings, although I was unsure of this, at first, I have found very little difference in a reading over the phone or in person.

I was convinced phone readings were ok for me, when on the very first reading for an out of state client, I saw that an old high school love would contact her very soon. She told me she had not spoken to the gentleman I named in years, and at age sixty-four didn’t even know if he was still alive. About five minutes after hanging up the phone I got a call from her telling me she had just opened her email and right at the top was a letter from that long lost love. They, I am happy to say, were both now single and began dating soon after.

So you can rest assured you are not missing out on anything by choosing a phone reading.

Thank you for reading.

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