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How Do I Get the Most Out of My Psychic Reading?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Psychic Readings by Laura Zibalese

“Can you tell me about my life?” As a psychic medium of over thirty-five years, I have found that many people who come for a reading ask their questions in a way that results in their receiving less than ideal information. Their questions are either too broad or too vague and general- producing like answers.

How you ask your questions often determines the kind of answers you will receive. Your life is a very large subject; by breaking your questions down into categories, such as love; family, health, or work, your reading will be far more successful and informative.

Putting forethought into your questions, helps produce better results!

A good start to a psychic reading ideally begins before the reading itself; first sit down and write out a list of the questions you want to have answered. This will help you clarify what it is you want to get out of the reading. Your written questions will help keep you on track and prevent you from forgetting something you wanted to ask during the reading. It’s not unusual for clients to become emotional during a reading and forget an important question. After all, it has been a long time since you spoke with your deciesed grandma, so happy tears are natural.

Psychic Medium Laura Zibalese

Additionally, if you are having a reading with a psychic who works as a medium, as I do, it is a good idea to give those on the other side a heads-up. Let those in spirit know before the session, ideally, the night before, that you will be having a reading with a psychic and invite them to join you. In my experience, nine out of ten times the spirit does indeed show up, and if I do not connect with them on the tenth time it’s most likely more me than them.

Keep in mind the amount of time you will have with the psychic.

Don't waste time going into long explanations (that a no-no, don't give the psychic the answers) ask one sentence questions at a time. At most the only question a psychic should ask you- is if what they have said makes sense to you. A simple yes or no answer is all that is required. If you do not understand I will do my best to help you with it.

Ask Psychic Medium Laura your questions.

Many people also make the mistake of asking compound questions regarding several areas of their lives, this can be confusing to the psychic, the client and Spirit. It's best to narrow your questions to one topic at a time.

For example, questions about romance or work should be asked separately (unless you’re in love with a co-worker) categories will help the psychic receive more accurate quick answers.

Remember spirit takes you quite literally, if you ask broad general questions, you tend to receive broad general answers. Above all, make it something you truly need spirits help with. I once had a client ask if she should move upstairs or downstairs; some things you just need to figure out for yourself.

Finally please don't be afraid to ask a specific question, any psychic worth their salt will not be afraid to answer in specifics. Within reason, of course, we can't usually tell you on what day of the year you are going to meet Mr. or Ms. Right, but if it comes to me I'll certainly let you know.

If you follow these guidelines you will surely have a far more satisfying reading and the connection with the other side will be stronger for your efforts.

Happy Readings!

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