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Unconditional Love: The Truest Love

Updated: May 17, 2021

Unconditional Love Begins with you.

Love that cosmic bond that heals and uplifts the spirit. Throughout the ages books, poems, plays, and songs, have been written all speaking of love. Romantic love, tragic love, unrequited love, even puppy love, but the love most coveted, the love everyone wants but so few seem willing or even capable of giving, is Unconditional Love.

Love is something to be celebrated each day of our lives.

Love represents the ungraspable force that awakens us in the morning and gently puts us to rest after a tiring day. From the stillness of the greatest mountains to the depths of Mother Earth, love imbues everything with its grace and wonder. We have come to this planet to learn how to express love, even in difficult circumstances. The most difficult and surprisingly, once learned, the simplest form of love we are here to learn is unconditional love.

On this planet, we are entering a new stage: a period of self-devotion, wholeness, and unconditional love.

When we think of unconditional love most of us think of a mothers love for her child, or the faithful unbending love of a dog. Few, however, think of their lovers. Couples out there know very well what we are talking about. Too often we place conditions on loving our partners. While the people that chose not to be in a relationship at the moment, are learning more and more how to love themselves deeply, the ones who opted to be with a significant other at this time, explore a fresher and heightened perspectives regarding love. To be brave is to love.

What was once born out of attachment and fear cannot stand the magnitude of this planetary shift.

Romantic relationships represent one of the greatest forms of healing present now on Earth. What your partner does is becoming your mirror, your teacher and your guide. Your significant other delivers a precious message: take that leap of faith and discover the vastness of your ability to love.

Your partner is your catalyst and both of you are offered the chance to express, explore and complete one another through love. Whether your love is in peace or conflict you are being offered the opportunity to learn acceptance and deep unconditional love.

We are living in an intense time of rediscovery. On a planetary level, we have already begun the process of purifying what we have seen and considered as love. Our collective intention is to be love: unconditional love, soulful love, life-giving love. A love that must extend beyond romantic love, and be given to every soul we come in contact with.

Most people find this difficult, especially with those who have caused them pain, but that is the joy of unconditional love it thrives even in the darkest places once we have embraced it as our default mode.

Unconditional Love.


  • Unconditional love is an action, it’s the choice to strive for the well-being of another. Without concern for what you are getting in return. The feeling you derive from acting with love is your reward, the return you “get” from your own action.

  • To love unconditionally is to act with love under all conditions. Regardless of the actions of others.

  • If you have to do a certain thing, or be a certain way, in order to receive love, that love is conditional. If it is given to you freely and without reservation, it is unconditional.

This doesn't mean you approve of or accept everything another person does, it simply means that you love them regardless of their actions unconditionally. But unconditional love is not just something you give to your lover, your family, your friends, co-workers, or humanity as a whole- unconditional love is for you as well.

Unconditional love for ourselves.

Thus, you must be able to recognize, accept, and forgive your own imperfections in order to do the same for someone else. If you cannot deem yourself worthy of being loved unconditionally, you’ll never truly be able to deem yourself worthy of offering it.

Unconditional love accepts you for who you are, faults and all without judgment, without criticism, but with kindness and heart.

Be reminded to always cherish your heart and authenticity. Every aspect of your life is a chance to give love. You were born out of love for the sole purpose of being love.

The only ture happiness is to love unconditioanlay.

With Love!

Thank you for reading:

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