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Healing the Past: Making Way for LOVE

Most of us carry around a lot of emotional baggage.

This heaviness is hidden in our subconscious minds and emotional bodies and hinders our current state of being.

We may smile and interact with different people, we may be able to go about our daily routines and witness how life’s mysteries unexpectedly unfold, but there is something holding us back. A sense of subtle bitterness and sadness, rooted in the past experiences that we have not yet integrated, preventing us from moving forward in our lives and relationships.

As we connect with our significant others and create beautiful romantic stories, we invest so much of our souls in those experiences that, after going our separate ways, there still remains something within us that is trapped in what was once perceived as a heartwarming fantasy. All too often as a Psychic Medium, clients will say to me,

“I’ve suffered so much. When is my soul mate going to get here?”

But their real question should be,

“Am I ready for my soul mate to appear?”

If you still struggle with letting go of the past and becoming one with your highest purpose, the answer is NO, not yet. It is now time to invest your energy in clearing yourself and your environment from the toxicity of past relationships.

Here are five steps to begin a soul-completion process that will cut the energetic ties with the past.

  • Your home is your temple and also an extension of your body. Design your home in such a way that it becomes an anchor that draws you to the present moment. Get rid of all the items that remind you of the certain someone that is no longer in your life. By doing so, you are circulating the energy in your home, thus inviting new people and experiences to embellish your life.

  • Consciously choose to empty the emotional cup of your life.

An emptied cup can be easily filled with new experiences, new beginnings, and fresh outcomes. You can use different healing techniques such as pranic healing, meditation, and hypnosis. If you haven’t mourned the loss of a significant other, allow yourself a certain period to do so. You can choose to relive completely this experience now, thus making sure it won’t affect your life further.

  • Set your intention to let go. Whatever you do, be kind to yourself. Know that you have lived a traumatic event and acknowledge the time has come for you to grow from that experience. You may join support groups, healing retreats or gatherings with people that know what emotional scarring is all about. Realize that you are not alone in this.

  • You can use white sage or Palo Santo – sacred wood – to cleanse your mind and your home. Carry a Rose Quartz crystal with you to create an aura of healing loving energy. When you catch yourself thinking about the past, re-fueling old conflicts or simply missing that someone that was never meant for you on a long term, be present with yourself. Return to the Now by using breathing exercises. Take a long walk in nature or use salt baths to purify the body and mind.

  • Know that you are worthy to live something completely different. Have faith that the best has yet to come. Be grateful for the experience and what you learned from this past relationship. Everything starts with your willingness to accept your current state. Know a new wonderful significant other is waiting for you. Give yourself the love you need to make yourself whole again.

Past relationships can burden your heart and invite into your life turbulence and discomfort. Meditate on self-respect, self-love, and dive into your own inner wisdom. Acknowledge that what has gone from your life is meant to stay in the past. Know that the past has happened for a reason, to show you where you can improve and create a better future.

Allow yourself the time to consciously heal – cry, write down your thoughts in a journal, paint the walls in your home with vibrating mandalas. Whatever you need to do to heal and let go with love. Realize that you were always meant to have what you desire. What you are looking for is also searching for you.

When you are ready your soul mate will appear.

Remember you are worthy of Love!

Thank You for Reading.


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