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Karma, Destiny, and Free Will

My life is Crap!

WHY, do bad things keep happening to me? I’m cursed! I have no control over my life. Is it really my destiny, my karma to suffer?

As a psychic you can not imagine how often I hear these questions. It saddens me to think how many people feel helpless in their lives when that is not at all the case. Yes, life can be very hard, but you are not being punished you are being taught!

In order to understand why individuals have to experience life’s traumas we need to look at the big picture; their Karma, destiny, and free will. The secret is that the universe has a purpose - rules and challenges. Nobody is here by accident; we are all here to live out our life's purpose, to learn from experience and to walk our souls chosen path.

No life is pointless, it's all about progression, learning and succession to a higher level - something that even transcends one physical lifetime because our soul returns to continue the progression.

This is our KARMA, the grand plan for our lives - the credits and debits, the good and the bad - the path we must tread. When we can instinctively 'tune in' to that karma, we find the purpose and the reasons for our lessons and can finally find our true path, to understand what's happening and why - and to walk the path in peace and happiness. In other words, we can free ourselves.

Do not expect the universe to deliver everything to your door or to take care of everything without your making an effort.

Karma delivers the lesson, free will determine how you will learn it. You must make the choices and then act upon them. Karma presents the opportunities and challenges but we must continue to walk the path.

The secret is understanding how WHAT WE WANT and what's MEANT TO BE sometimes coincide, and frequently contradict. Sounds simple but as always, in the simplest of things is to be found the greatest wisdom.

What’s meant to be? Sounds like pre-destiny but what is "meant to be" is based on what we have learned from our life lessons.

Consider our destined path as a route through a maze. The maze represents all of the possible challenges and rewards, all of the ups and downs, and all the people who we will meet who are destined to come into our lives to bring happiness or conflict. The maze was created by you, before you were born. You planned it out, but within that framework of the maze, you have free will. At any point, you can turn left or right, go straight ahead or go back.

As humans, we frequently have the illusion that life is totally predestined. Although, we can choose what to wear, where to go, who to marry and what career to choose, our 'free will' and our karma are ultimately intertwined within the predefined framework of karma - the maze - the framework of the path chosen by our souls through birth to death and ultimately rebirth.

We can not avoid our karma. If we are meant to pass a certain point, a certain key destined event, then we will. We can temporarily attempt to avoid these events and make a sharp left turn because we have our free will - but eventually we will again arrive at the same junction having gone around in a big circle but having learned something very valuable on the way - a karmic lesson.

The difference between karma and free will is karma is the accumulation of all past deeds and needs; our past relationships, our good or bad deeds, and the areas where our souls are still developing create our karma- the framework around which we plan our incarnations. From karma, we create our life’s lessons.

Free will, on the other hand, is the choices we make within the framework. While the outline of our lives is written around our karma, the choices are ours as to when the lessons will be taken, how well we will learn and what we will do with that knowledge.

Whether we have the best possible outcome or the worst is dependent not on karma or destiny, but on our free will. Karma only creates the lesson.

The lesson is pre-set, the outcome is not nor how long it will take to learn.

While the outcome is never predestined, you still have the power (free will) to choose to accept your karmic lessons or reject them. However, I must warn you, your spirit guides will try their darnedest to make sure you at least attempt the lesson. But in the end, it is your free will.

Just remember when you do not meet a karmic challenge it will return and only become harder the next time. When you take your karmic lessons, that is where free will comes in.

So your asking - is nothing then predestined?

Yes, some things are not a matter of karma or determined by free will. For example, a new job opportunity arriving within the month is not part of a life lesson i.e. karma, it is a gift from the universe. It was always meant to happen at this time, it is an approaching junction in your maze. Whether you will accept or reject the job offer…and when… that is up to free will.

Often the biggest mistake people make is thinking that while an event is supposed to happen, they have no control at all over it. They assume that it simply must happen at this time, in this place, and with this person. While some of this may be true you are mistaken if you think you have no control or the input of free will.

Take for example soul mates, a classic "when will s/he appear" question. Well, the answer is when they have circled within their own maze long enough to learn their own lessons/ karma then they will move in your direction. How long will that take ? - well, that's something they have a choice of- free will. It's their karmic lesson...... What can be easily seen is that they will come your way, eventually they must. And it's undoubtedly that nagging voice within you that knows that. How the two of you will respond to the meeting again is up to you, it is your free will. Only the fact that at some point you two will meet is predestined.

Often people say “I have been waiting for my soul-mate for so long, I have gone through so much, I have learned, and now I am ready for him/her to appear. So why have they not shown up yet?”

That’s a good question, and the answer may be that your soul mate is still busy working on all those things you say you have finished. When they are done they will appear. Of course, that is not the only reason for soul mates to keep you waiting. Sometimes they are waiting for you both to be ready. Maybe you are still holding on to negative emotions from a past relationship, or have refused to complete a cycle of lessons agreed upon with your soul mate before you were born. In truth, it could be any number of reasons.

So look hard at your life, your karma, and how you exercise your free will and ask yourself, "Have I done all the work I need to do to truly be ready for a soul mate or am I waiting for a soul mate to fix me?"

Karma and Free Will.

People say to me "oh well my lesson is patience" - no. It's FAITH. Understand that events that have to happen will happen. You have your own path to walk and many other things that need to be encountered on the way. Ultimately free will cannot overcome karma it can only delay things (even for lifetimes) but each person needs to learn their lesson before they can move forward. And you will – you have much more control than you realize. Some things have to happen karma is unavoidable- have faith, use your free will, and make your choices.

What will be will be..........

The ultimate goal is to transcend our fears and doubts, to relinquish the need to control, to be open to opportunity and to be prepared to follow the path to wherever our choices lead. Take responsibility and accept that sometimes the road is winding.

Frequently we humans 'want' our path to be a straight line from where we are now to what we want and set off in that straight line assuming it's going to work. Understand that it may well be that there are twists and turns, unexpected events, challenges and also unexpected rewards.

Use those instincts, intuition, senses and emotions. We all have them and through them, we are guided in the right direction.

If you make a decision based on your best instincts and it felt right but it all went wrong then realize that although it’s been a challenge, a lesson, it’s just something you had to go through to get to an even better place of understanding, and without having transcended that challenge, that experience, you couldn't get to where you are going. Somewhere much better!

Wanting and deciding are mental functions that can create an alternate mental reality that what we decide to do is what really IS. Destiny, karma, and Free Will are not the same.

Believing your life is out of your control, that all things are predestined, and that karma is just the bitch making your life miserable, will just keep you going around in circles.

Information is coming to you at all times, from your instincts and senses and it isn't wrong...Listen to your instincts - be prepared to take what life deals with faith and hope. Be brave, walk the path, learn your lessons, and above all.

DON'T THINK - SENSE! You won't be led in the wrong direction.

Thank you for reading,

46 % ​SLXLM

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