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Signs You’re an Old Soul, and the Difficulties You Face!

Updated: May 17, 2021

Are you an old soul? test

If you're an old soul you will undoubtedly be giving, caring loving and compassionate - all wonderful attributes that we are taught are the signs of a developed soul who cares for others and how our actions may affect them.

Are you an Old Soul?

Take the test and find out:

The key signs of an old soul: Y or N

  • You are giving and caring often putting others first

  • Had a difficult romantic life often with much pain and disappointment

  • Know you have a soul-mate even if you have yet to meet

  • You had a difficult childhood often surrounded by the chaos of others

  • Have trouble connecting with your family

  • You feel bouts of great love and compassion for your fellow human beings

  • Somehow you know you're different

  • You know there is a meaning to the universe- even if you can’t articulate it

  • You view life as an adventure- even the bad parts

  • Have some psychic intuition – you “just know” things

  • Find that you have deeper emotions and passions than most people

  • People have extreme reactions to you - some just adore you and some seem to really dislike you, yet you behave the same to everyone

  • Have an inner creative passion

  • It is often difficult to get others to see what you see

  • You understand the need for balance in life

  • You often feel like you are alone in the world – even though you do not necessarily feel lonely

  • You are able to see patterns in life and accurately foresee outcomes

  • You feel “Old” even in childhood

  • As a child you often felt like you wanted to just “go home” that you did not belong here- maybe you still do

  • Suffer the jealousy of other

  • Your apparent calm seems to irritate others

  • You can usually see both sides of any issue

  • You become frustrated and even a bit angry at the cruelty and injustice of the world

  • The selfishness of others sincerely bothers you

  • You are a calming influence

  • You know you have a purpose and reason for being here, even if you haven’t figured out what it is yet

  • You believe there is good in all people

  • You have a generous and forgiving nature

  • You are tolerant of the mistakes of others but expect them to learn from their mistakes

  • Others look to you for advice- even those who barely know you

  • You have strong intuition and allow your psychic instincts to guide you

  • Often you are misunderstood and wrongly perceived

  • Know you have free will, your life is not being controlled by outside forces

  • Have common sense while still being able to access spiritual realms

  • You love animals, nature, and humanity as a whole

  • You often frustrate the young souls around you – who just do not get you

  • You are often frustrated as heck by the young souls around you!

All of us can relate to some of these characteristics and events at some time in our lives however the “old souls” among us will shout "Yes that's me!" and immediately understand and relate.

If you can say Yes to at least 10 of these you are most likely an “Old Soul.”

Old Soul: I am not like other poeple...

In contrast, we have all met the “young souls” the ones who profess to be giving and caring and often seem to seek us out, but who never really give, just take; those souls who commit the most insensitive and often cruel acts but seem to have no understanding of what they've done or shown any signs of remorse.

These young souls often go to extremes and get aggressive when their actions and the effect that they've had on us are pointed out.

Soul Age

First, let us understand that when we refer to "soul age" we are not speaking about chronology. All souls were created at the exact same instance. What is meant by “old souls” and “young souls” has to do with the level of development as a soul.

Souls come to the earth plane to learn and grow. There are in fact multitudes of souls who have never entered the physical realms of reality. This world is just one in which souls may evolve to higher levels of awareness.

The terms “old soul” and “young soul” aren't then just descriptions of personality types but do give us a meaningful clue as to why we find ourselves in this life cycle.

The journey of the soul through many lives is one of growth and learning; from the earliest manifestation of that soul in human form - where it's focused on material things, power, ego and the "now,” eventually through to the higher levels of love, compassion, truth, kindness, understanding, and fairness in later lives as “old souls.”

Once incarnations on the Earth plane begin, so does karma. The soul is then required to visit human form many times in order to learn these lessons. It is through interaction with others on the three-dimensional plane that the soul accrues karma.

This is the results of a soul's actions with others and the elimination of debts we may incur (first rule of karma "what goes around comes around" - or the “karmic boomerang.”)

Karma develops, hones, and tunes the spirit into the higher levels, eventually becoming attuned to the highest levels as an “old soul” in later lives.

Part of that developing process is to become infinitely more empathetic, attuned to the universe, to our intuition, and to further develop our psychic abilities. At this stage we sense that destiny plays a greater part in our soul development than we had previously imagined as we “peek behind the veil” of the universal mechanisms through our developing intuition.

Old Souls are the peacemakers.

Old souls often find it difficult to watch those less enlightened who are still contained in the "I know best" mode, mess up their lives, blinders on, happily wandering down the garden path.

Typical of this is the soul-mate; where we are tasked to watch them wander off knowing somehow that the tests they will face will ultimately bring them back around, older, wiser and more spiritually aware.

It's important to understand that each time our soul revisits the earthly plane, we must play “catch-up,” developing through our earthly actions and learning experiences quickly to regain that level of spiritual awareness we attained when leaving the previous life.

In other words, upon entering this life we are initially unconscious of the fact that we are required to take our life tests in order to “fast track” us to the spiritual level we are meant to be at in this incarnation.

old souls are indifferent to setbacks.

So; the older the soul, the greater the testing will be in early events. Tests make us reach inside and spiritually open; to regain previously achieved levels of spirituality and to further develop.

Remember exams are meant to be hard; it’s the only way to be sure we have truly learned our lessons and advance to the next grade.

“Soul age” and Soul-mates

I would like to talk a bit about soul-mates as I frequently hear people say- “When will I meet my soul-mate?” or “The universe is denying me my soul-mate!”

Let’s look at soul age and soul-mates and perhaps it will make a little more sense.

I've already mentioned that we have all had to deal with the “young souls,” the ones who seem sent to test us and can often leave us feeling dazed and confused and hurt.

This is something that's particularly important and relevant to soul-mates. Your soul-mate is unlikely to be a "young soul" even though their actions to-date may fit what we've described as a young soul. Soul-mates are almost always members of your closest and most intimate soul group. They are the souls you have developed along side of from the moment you began your journey. Thus they are often close to your own level of soul development.

We get terribly confused then when we sense our soul-mates are loving, caring, and deeply spiritually enlightened yet they frequently behave in the totally opposite way.

The important difference between a soul-mate and a young soul is that the universe does not connect young souls with old souls in soul-mate connections. What your soul-mate is most likely going through is the life tests on that "fast track,” i.e. learning fast and developing to their real soul age through meeting all the tough tests and making all the mistakes, acting in that earthly controlled, ego based, "I know best" way.

Hence the duality of their existence and the confusion they cause within our lives. What you are sensing is destiny. It's the butterfly sensing another butterfly but seeing a caterpillar!

This is the main reason soul-mates have to part, in order that the less developed one catches up with their earthly experiences in order to fully awaken spiritually and be ready to reconnect with their real soul age from their previous life, to reconnect with you and to continue the journey at the same spiritual level.

You see nothing is being denied you; your soul-mate just needs to take a few exams first.

The importance of power

As we grow and learn, parents, teachers, mentors, the media, religious teachings and other influences in our lives all teach us that being giving, kind, caring and turning the other cheek are vital to being a good human being. True of course.

So why do we; more caring, more giving, more compassionate old souls often feel trampled by life?

As in all things, there is a duality. Look at nature – there is no cold without hot; no up without down, no dark without light. The yin and the yang, the interplay of opposing forces seeking balance.

Although conventional teaching is to keep pouring love and light and openness and giving into situations there is a point where we become depleted. There is a point where our love and compassion can cause us to give more than is healthy, and to accept more than is our lot.

Herein lies one of the most important karmic lessons; that we must seek balance.

We must maintain our own personal power and not allow love, compassion and "thinking the best of people" to become voluntary abuse when that person repays us with negativity. Allowing this to happen encourages lower self-esteem, feelings of abandonment, and a sense that spirit has left us behind when people are responding to us in a very negative way. For many old souls, this is a lesson that takes many years to learn.

Old souls are often placed in the position of delivering the lessons or even the tests. In this lies our own lessons and tests as well. Sometimes old souls need to remember to just say NO. Without guilt, knowing that helping a young soul is not always about giving them what they want but making them understand they must earn it on their own.

Old Souls seek balllance.

Old souls must learn to not allow their energies to be depleted.

Most of us will have experienced abuse of our energy in different situations from work, family, and relatives, within friendships and especially in personal relationships.

We often give too much because we are giving people, and through that action diminish our personal power.

Give love and light YES, pray for people, YES, BUT it is essential for all of us to protect the incredible value of our energy; to realize it is a rare thing and to value it even when others don't.

In achieving balance we understand that giving love and light, having compassion and caring and understanding of people, especially those that are afflicted and confused by negativity is essential but is only one-half of that balance.

Seek Balance-

Love and light won't get your elephant off the tracks so sometimes we old souls need to use our power in an assertive way.

Remember while you are still students you are also teachers. Tutor those young souls and aid their development, just do not let them sap you dry. The old soul experience comes with many tests. This is not about giving less or giving to receive, it is to balance our giving, loving and caring with a total respect for the gold that is our own energy…In all things balance.

Think of this earth as a school. One that begins in pre-school and goes all the way through your doctorate program- in everything! Souls come here to learn about contrasts. About balance. To learn lessons and have those lessons tested. You do young souls a disservice when you do their lessons for them or allow them to take too much advantage of your generosity. Think about it.

Each day new pre-schoolers arrive; each day graduate students take their final exams and move on to the next doctorate degree or with luck and a tremendous amount of hard work graduate altogether.

This is why there will not be peace on this earth plane anytime soon, for, with each old soul who masters love in all of its forms, compassion, generosity, patience, and fairness, a young soul is arriving to learn about hate, anger, cruelty and injustice.

The cycle of learning repeats. It is just a part of the universal process.

Soul development takes presidence over all things.

Eventually, every soul, so inclined to learn (no it is not mandatory, just highly recommended) will graduate to the Godhood and become as God is. Isn’t it wonderful and a relief to know God loved us souls so much we were given all of eternity to complete our education.

So do not worry too much about where you are in your own development- you’ve got time.

Just don’t slack off... it annoys the really old souls.

Old Souls feel deeply.

Thank you for reading: I hope all you “old souls” enjoyed it!

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