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Animal Signs Sent from Your Loved Ones

The Dead can use animals to contact you. Learn how to know when animals are truly sent from spirit.

It's Not Just doing what Animals Do.

The idea of animals acting as intermediaries and messengers from the afterlife has been around since the neolithic age (and possibly even earlier) animals are sentient beings, who can feel, sense, perceive and pick up on information beyond the scope of our human physical senses and are often used as messengers by the souls of our loved ones in spirit.

Animals, plants, and insects all perceive reality differently than we do.

But we're not all at a loss here. There are times in all of our lives when our senses expand and we become more sensitive to the world around us, too.

It is during these times that afterlife communications can become clear, strong, and forthright and our ability to tune into and become aware of the interconnected world around us is heightened.

Animals, as sentient beings, can pick up on things going on around us in the unseen world - they are, like us, spiritual beings.

Because of this, animals, birds, even insects and plants, can be used by spirits to connect and deliver messages and reminders of their love. By paying attention to what animals do and how they interact with us, we see how they can become a bridge between ourselves and the spirit world.

For example, in my 39 years of readings I have seen this time and again, the spirit of a loved one will come through and show me an animal. I will ask the client if this means anything to them - and usually, after a moment of thought or confusion a smile will come and they will say- Yes!

In one reading I saw a white rabbit, the client whose husband had passed away a few months earlier said:

Two days after his passing I was sitting on my back porch, very sad, when I looked up to see a white rabbit sitting up, ears strait in the air and I just knew it was my husband telling me he was OK. She went on to say- I don't know how it got in, the yard is fully and well fenced in, it stood there for at least five solid minutes just looking into my eyes, then hopped away.

I had another client, from a rural area of Ca. whose passed husband sent me the image of the Roadrunner from the old cartoons during a reading. I ask her about it, she said:

A week after his funeral I was sitting outside in my chair next to his, when a roadrunner ran into the yard, stopped for a few minutes and looked at me, then ran off. This happened every day, at the same time, for a week. She told me that they had on rare occasions seen roadrunners in the area, but never the same one over and over! She knew it was him sending his love.

The best one, however, involved a client I had at a fair. As he sat down in my chair I suddenly heard a cow mooing! This repeated several times so I asked him about it. He looked confused for a moment then said:

OMG- My father passed away a few months ago. The day of his funeral I was so upset I dropped my phone in the toilet ruining it. A few days later I got a new phone. That night, it started Mooing, this happened several times over the next two days. The phone came with a cow ringtone- I never set it to that, and even tried to delete it, but couldn't. Now I know it was my Dad! He laughed and said, it was the type of prank he would have played!

So you see spirits can use animals as a sign to get our attention and deliver their message that they are still around, still love you, and even to have fun with you!

Cats, dogs, pets of all types, even wild animals have all been known to perceive things that we have been unable to and to assist those in spirit to communicate with you.

This is how you can recognize the sign and the messages they convey to us.

Animal signs

To begin picking up on an afterlife communication in the form of a sign from the animal world, start by paying attention to the actions of both the domestic animals and the wild animals you see around you.

  • What types of birds visit you on a daily basis?

  • When have you noticed a flux of different insects coming in and around your home?

  • What do your house cats normally look at and entertain themselves with during the day and night?

Once you have identified the normalcy's of the animal behaviors in your home, in your daily life and in your immediate ecosystem, then you will be able to begin to notice what is abnormal or different about their behavior.

That's the secret, because that's where the signs come in.

Then to know if a sign is really a sign, look for these three things:

1. Something Abnormal or Different About The Experience

The interaction in question has to be an abnormal one for you. If ladybugs and critters normally come into your home around fall, then we can't rule ladybugs as a sign just yet, especially when they've been spotted in September.

But if it is abnormal for a blue and black swallowtail to land on your porch or a cardinal to just suddenly appear at your ledge feeder when it was all just sparrows before, then check one: mark it as something to consider.

2. You Had a Special Moment with It

Now you want to pay attention to special moments that you have with other sentient beings. When people die, it is a common experience to see them in others. To meet the gaze of a stranger, and to know it is your father's spirit shining through and showing himself to you in this man. This happens. And what is going on here is this spirit merging or linking with this being momentarily, to be a messenger for you. It can happen with conscious or unconscious permission from the being, as energy waves are traveling through us all the time.

3. It's Happened More Than Once

Those who want to get your attention from the other side will be persistent. If they notice something is working, they'll do it again- And again- And again. Until you perk up, start talking back, and realize what's happening. It's a feedback loop. And they'll keep feeding until you grab the loop.

Spirits who have crossed over can get our attention in many ways.

When we are thinking of animal signs, we want to remember that we're not talking about your loved one necessarily reincarnating as this being, but rather, the spirit of the person using the power of their ability to connect through the work of these creatures.

Additionally, many spirits prefer physical signs that are tangible because they are harder to cast off, and think and reason away. Choosing a physical sign over an intuitive sign (like a dream) is often a practical choice related to time, attention, and effort, and based on decisions surrounding where their energy would be best spent.

Would anyone want to, or keep, doing anything, if it was always ignored and cast aside?

Probably not- So spirits are just the same. This is why you'll notice many of the early day visitations involve bold, vibrant visitations - like visits from cardinals or other, more first-contact type things.

So to recap:

You're looking for something that's been an abnormal set of experiences for you, and that those experiences have involved a special moment that you shared with that other living being, which created a momentary the link between you and the other world.

By sharing a moment with another sentient being, this means you have shared a moment with another living breathing spirit, who like you and your loved one, is just as connected and intertwined to source energy as you are.

And then finally, the real kicker -

Did you think of your loved one when it happened?

If so, then it's a slam dunk!

The moment, the frequency, the oddity of it (at first anyway), and then the thought.

All those things combined for your loved ones to connect through this animal sign. These signs remind us of all the cherished moments in life and that we continue to have them, even in death.

Abilities to perceive the spirit world often open upon the death of a loved one, pay attention to the animals around you and look for the Signs!

If you feel this is what is happening to you, and you would like some clarity or confirmation about the signs you may be seeing, a psychic reading can help. Book Now.

Thank you for reading groundedpsychic.com Blessings Laura

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