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What Is The Higher-Self?

Are we just a body with a brain? A mind whose life experiences form our personality?

Or are we far more than that? Every single one of us has a higher consciousness. This higher consciousness has often been called the Higher Self, the Over-Soul or Over-Self.

But what is the Higher-Self or Over-Soul?

In simple terms, the Higher-Self is that part of our soul which always remains in spirit- the part that does not incarnate into a body but remains eternally on the other side. It learns, interacts with others in spirit, and acts as an inner guide to that part of our soul which is incarnate.

Consider it another way; think of your body as a forty watt lamp, and your soul is a thousand watt light bulb. Now you know you cannot put a thousand watt light bulb into a forty watt lamp without some problems. Either the light bulb or the lamp will blow out. The solution is to match the right light bulb with the proper wattage lamp.

Before each incarnation, a soul will test the body to determine if it's a twenty-watt lamp, thirty-watt, forty-watt, or even on rare occasion a fifty-watt lamp. It is important to know how much soul energy the body can handle. This decision takes place while the baby is still in the womb, at around the fifth month of gestation. The soul will enter into the body and touch on what I refer to as the primal mind that primitive physical part often called the Id, where our basic instincts are housed.

By the fifth month, the brain and nervous system have developed sufficiently for the soul to make this determination. It is very important for the soul to get this calculation as right as possible. Too much soul energy can lead to such things as hyperactivity, restlessness, stress and anxiety while too little soul energy can lead to mental deficits, physical weakness, and other low energy problems.

The Higher Self imparts wisdom to our brains intelligence.

Ironically, the Over-Soul is impersonal and does not have a “sense of self'” as we think of our “self.” It does not identify with this single incarnation. Our Higher-Self identifies with our entire soul; it views our life from the higher perspective, with complete knowledge and understanding of who we are as a soul.

All of our soul’s lives’ and experiences from its first moments of awakening are accessible to the Higher-Self. Not-to-mention, every aspect of this particular incarnation and future incarnations, is known to it. The Higher-Self serves as a guidepost for the personality of this life.

Can this elusive Higher-Self be contacted?

Yes, The Higher-Self communicates via our subconscious mind and can be accessed on a conscious level with just a little bit of practice. Typically it is done through meditation or some other altered states of consciousness. However, the Over-Soul/Higher-Self is in regular contact with us, whether we are aware of it or not. It is that voice that pops into your head saying “Don’t do that, go this way, or trust that person…” that voice you can not quite explain but you often regret not listening to.

Your Higher-Self has a great understanding of the dynamics of our consciousness, in our bodies and soul, as well as, the universal consciousness of which we are all a part.

Ask for your Higher-Souls guidance, and be prepared to listen to your own wisdom.

As I write this my Spirit Guide Alec wishes to say, “Although you on earth love to come up with new terms for just about everything, the Higher-Self, or Over-Soul is just another name for the “Spirit.”

He adds: “Spirit is to Soul as Mind is to Brain.” Trust your Spirit to guide you.

Thank you for reading.

Laura Zibalese

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