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Dream Interpretation: Messages From Your Soul

Updated: May 17, 2021

Dream Interpretation

Most of us dream. But only a very small percentage of us understands that dreams are an important opportunity for our self-growth, self-improvement, and self-discovery.

Many mystics of both Eastern and Western origins are aware of the fact that dreams hold a wealth of untapped knowledge. However, because of its inherently vague nature, the art of interpreting dreams has never entered mainstream sciences. Jungian psychology is the closest mainstream science that took dreams seriously.

"Dreams...are invariably seeking to express something that the ego does not know and does not understand." - Carl Jung, CW17, Par. 187

Dream interpretation has taken many forms; it can be done for the sake of fun, as a hobby or can be taken up as a serious career. Psychologists and therapists are already incorporating dream interpretation into their practice. They find it as a very useful tool to gain access to hidden desires and deep-rooted personality issues of a dreamer.

Dreams interpreters of our inclinations.

This article is a concise description of the method of dream interpretation that can be used. There are several points/guidelines to take note.

1. Dreams are often symbolic representations of what we are experiencing or are about to experience in the near future. Dreams often convey messages of occurrences that will most likely happen within a month or so.

2. Usually, the people that we encounter in the dream symbolize the different aspects/characteristics of ourselves. For example, a woman may represent a feminine aspect of oneself even when one is male in the waking hours. Much of our repressed tendencies also tend to manifest themselves as characters in dreams.

Dream symbols.

Have you ever wondered why we sometimes behave and even appear quite differently in our dreams? Well, it is because dreaming offers an outlet for us to be 'somebody else' that we never had the opportunity to be during our waking hours.

3. Often how the emotion we felt during the dream reveals and conveys much about the meaning of the symbols within the dream.

Intuition and the willingness to examine ourselves with brutal honesty are two very important factors for successful analysis.

Below is a list of commonly encountered symbols. We should always take into consideration the fact that symbols hold certain semantics and meanings that are specific to individuals. Thus, the interpretations of symbols are not generic, therefore, there can be no hard and fast rules with regards to dream analysis. Let your intuition guide you.

What do my dreams mean?

Common dream symbolism:

Water- associated with emotion.

An ocean or any large body of water - often represents the subconscious mind. The state of the sea generally is an indication of the emotional state as well.

Eating/digesting- Trying to understand an issue/situation.

Walking- associated with learning and assimilating.

Path, road or pavement- symbolizes life or a spiritual Path/journey.

House- symbolizes our self. Within the house, the various rooms could represent the various aspects of self. Pay close attention to the items in the house, as well as, any people you find there- they all have meaning.

Snake in dreams symbold of Transcendence.

Snake- symbolizes knowledge.

Tree and forest - subconscious feelings that govern our emotions.

Bridge- a transitional phase or period of transformation/change.

Dream Symbols are highly individualistic, trust your intuition to help you interpret their meanings.

Although there are archetypes of symbols common to most people, it's usually better to go within yourself to discover the meaning of symbols in your dreams than to consult a dream dictionary.

Interpreting your dreams requires an understanding of yourself.

Everything in dreams have a meaning.

Most images mean different things to different people. For example, ask three people what the color "Red" symbolizes to them and you can get three completely different answers:

  • Blood

  • Stop

  • Love

Those answers couldn't be more different! Most images in dreams are like this, which is why YOU are the best person to interpret your own dreams.

While it is best to interpret your own dreams there are many symbols and objects frequently encountered in the dream state that facilitate common dream interpretation.

Here is are few more:

What colors mean in Dreams.

1. Dreaming of Colors:

  • Red – symbolizes either passion or anger.

  • Pink – denotes the healing power of love.

  • Black – symbolizes fear of death or aging.

  • Grey - symbolizes confusion or fear.

  • White – signifies a fear of death or new surroundings.

  • Green - symbolizes healing.

  • Blue – stands for sadness.

  • Yellow - symbolizes peace, calm and hope.

2. Dream about numbers: Dream interpretation has helped in assigning meaning to some numbers.

  • One - stands for unity.

  • Two - symbolizes equality, spiritual or gender balance.

  • Three - stands for unity, harmony or spiritual fulfillment.

  • Five - stands for a change both in positive or negative context.

Dreaming of Numbers.

Likewise, dream interpretation for remaining numbers needs to be evolved from your own experiences. Dreaming of numbers is not always literal, look for how many items you may see. For example five coins, three feathers, four clouds in the sky etc.

3. Dreaming of a baby or a pregnancy: Dream interpretation of such dreams often point to new experiences in life.

4. Dreaming about various other objects/events

Meaning of Symbols in dreams.

Dream interpretation meanings.
  • Accidents represent a physical or mental breakdown.

  • Awakening - symbolizes openness to new ideas or experiences.

  • Brother - signifies betterment or strained relationship.

  • Climbing - stands for attaining new mental, spiritual or physical goals.

  • Desert - dreaming of a desert or being lost in desert stands for loneliness.

  • Door - symbolizes better opportunity. If you are afraid of opening a door in the dream, it means that you are afraid of new challenges or trying on new things.

  • Eating – stands for nourishment or need to be taken care of.

  • Falling - means loss of control or being unable to maintain position in life.

  • Jumping - stands for achieving higher goals.

  • Ladder – symbolizes growth.

  • Military - denotes a desire for authority.

  • Rain - represents depression.

As you can see dream interpretation becomes even more fascinating by analyzing the symbols.

These are but a few of the thousands of dream symbols; for further study I would recommend books on symbolism and dream interpretation but remember, your own personal interpretation of items in your dream are usually more accurate and powerful than a generic interpretation, void of your own souls consciousness and awareness. Read the books then trust yourself to interpret correctly.

Write down your dreams.

Keep a notepad and pen next to your bed, upon waking write down your dreams with as much detail as possible. Try not to get up or move about before doing so in order to remember as much of the dream as possible. Write down the smallest details, and even the oddest things you can remember- they all have meaning to some degree.

Use a dream dictionary if you like but if the interpretation doesn’t ring true for you, trust your instinct as to what it is supposed to mean. If you are still having difficulties with interpreting your dream a psychic can help you with the interpretation.

Remember - Dreams are meant to enhance your life while you're awake.

They are important messages from the depths of your soul. Dreams are meant to come true.

Learning from your dreams is powerful, but can also be fun!

Trust the dreams.

Happy dreaming, Happy interpreting!

Thank you for reading,

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