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Is Your Child Psychic?

Updated: May 17, 2021

Is your child psychic?

Have you suspected your child may have Psychic abilities? Do they seem to know things they shouldn't, speak about seeing people who passed away before they were born, or even speak with animals? If so they are probably psychic.

Every human being has psychic ability and most demonstrate this to some degree as children. It is a natural part of our spirits and children are often quite tapped into it. If encouraged and even aided in its development your psychic child could hold onto these abilities well into adulthood. But before you can help them develop their abilities you need to know if they are actually psychic or not.

Determining whether your child has psychic abilities can be challenging, as not only do psychic abilities vary among children, they can also shift from one moment to the next. One day they are seeing auras, the next they are reading your mind, and the next talking to your Grandma who passed away when you were a child- then may seem not to be able to repeat it- until they do, randomly.

Psychic children have many powers.

While you should be open to the possibility that your child may have some psychic abilities, you should also be careful about jumping to conclusions. Of course bent cutlery could be a sign...

There are a number of ways to test for psychic abilities, including using playing cards and M&Ms. My mother used to play "whats in the box" with me as a child- she would write a number, letter, or simple drawing on paper fold it up and put it in the box. Then call me into the room and ask "Laura, whats in the box" much of the time I was able to answer correctly.

Is your child psychic?

While not an exhaustive or definitive list, there are a number of ways, outside of testing, that may help you decide whether your child has a psychic gift.

Psychic Children have vivid imaginations and deep insights.

Is your child emotionally and physically sensitive?

Sensitive children may have psychic tendencies. This can be a sign of psychic sensibility, Many psychic children do not like to be help a lot as they tend to physically and emotionally absorb the energy of those around them particularly as babies. Do they tell you they can see or feel things without looking or touching, they just "feel" it.

As a child the great psychic Edgar Casey was able to simply sleep with his book under his pillow and the next day he knew all about the book -even being tested on it by his father and teachers, although he never opened the book, he passed the test. He could "feel" the information.

Does your child have a vivid and creative imagination?

Psychic Children are often very artistic and creative in an out of the box way.

Many children with psychic abilities are often not recognized as people think their child simply has a great imagination. They are often very creatively expressive and artistic and can use their creativity to express the psychic impressions they receive. They can get lost in their psychic thoughts and seem dreamy to many adults.

In school as a child I had more than one eraser thrown at me by a teacher tying to get me to stop "daydreaming" and pay attention. She had no idea just how far away I was.

Psychic kids may take on the pain of others.

Psychic Sensitive children are empaths who seem to take on the pain and troubles of others. You may notice that after a lot of social interaction they seem overwhelmed and may suffer from headaches, anxiety, and fatigue. These children will often spend much time alone happily engaged in solitary activities and recharging their batteries.

Does your child find friendships challenging?

Some children who have psychic abilities seem isolated often they do not feel like they fit in with peers who may perceive them as weird or odd. They also find it difficult to relate to other non-psychic children who seem to be so "young" and do not understand they things that a psychic child knows intuitively. They often prefer the company of adults or much older children.

I did not feel like I could relate to people of my own age until i was in my forties!

Kids with psychic abilities may be curious about the deceased.

Psychic children can see dead loved ones.

Does your child seem fascinated by those who have died? Kids with a connection to the spirit world may ask many questions about family members who have passed away and may even talk in detail about relatives and friends they never met.

At age two my daughter gave me a perfect description of my Great-grandmother who had passed away when I was 12, even though she had never even seen a photo of her. She even described the carnation flower she always wore to church on Sundays. She said, "she is a nice lady, she comes to see me in my room."

They often seem Wiser than their years …

Some children with psychic abilities are considered old souls. They seem to have more wisdom than their age should allow and often say some of the most insightful things.

At age 4 my youngest daughter was listening to a discussion about God among some older wiser kids (ages 6-9) when one said, "Well, you can't seeee God." without missing a beat my 4 yr old turned to them and said, "I don't see God with my eyes, I see God with my heart."

Does your child love angels?

Psychic chidren art attracted to angels and spirit.

The connection to the spirit realm may extend to include an interest in angels and spirit guides. Your child may have an extraordinary curiosity about God, and ascended masters like Jesus and Buddha and want to talk about them a often.

Some psychic kids are attracted to another time period.

Does your child have a keen interest in another time or place or in researching an ancient civilization? Do they report memories of being another person or of being a grownup? these may very well be past life memories. There are many books on children's past life recall many of such with physical evidence. Even the Dalai Lama was tested when found at age three, to see if he remembered his own possessions from his previous life- He did.

A fear of the dark and trouble sleeping.

Psychic Chidren see what others cannot.

While fear of the dark and sleep issues are not uncommon in childhood, they are sometimes a sign of a child’s psychic tendencies. These may be accompanied by a dislike of being alone or even acute separation anxiety.

They can be plagued by psychic precognitive dreams and unsettling images that cause them nightmares.

They are usually a great judge of character.

Your child may have an uncanny ability to judge the characters of the people they meet. They intuitively know who is trustworthy and who is not. They may also, inexplicably, not want to be around certain people, and seem to know the intentions or thoughts of people they have just met.

Does your child love nature?

If your child is a nature seeker and loves animals and plants from a young age this could suggest that they are tapped into a deeper sense. They may be able to connect with other sources of energy and communicate with animals, and nature. They may even be able to make plants grow faster by talking to them and pets do their bidding simply by asking.

Your child may talk about seeing bright lights or colors.

Many Psychic Children see Auras.

Does your child have strange experiences like seeing bright lights or auras around people? They may have the ability to pick up information from the etheric world and could even be seeing souls in the form of orbs/lights.

Many are Natural born healers.

Some children just seem to sense when you need a hug or an encouraging word. They may also be drawn to touch people in pain or lay their hands on people to help them heal. They ca also become drained by being around people who are ill and become sick themselves if they do not learn how to control their ability.

Having imaginary friends.

Psychic kids often have "imaginary firends" who are actually spirits.

Many psychic children have "imaginary friends" in the form of spirit guides and even ghosts. While imagined friends is common in childhood, it can also be a sign that your child can hear and perceive information from nonphysical sources, especially if their "friend" gives them information about people, places, or events, they have never been exposed to.

At the age of 6, in 1971, I had an "imaginary friend" named Tommy, he had died in the old broken glass hot house we were all warned not to go near as it was dangerous. He would come and play with me daily, he told me all about WWI and would want to play trench warfare in the crawl space under the house. No one ever told me about the war but when I told my Great-grandfather who had been in the war, he was amazed at the details I knew. Looking back now, I know Tommy had died in the 1920s.

While most of these signs are normal common behaviors in children, psychic children will usually display several of these signs if not all. Your child may even show distinct psychic abilities, knowing facts about things they should not, seeing future events before they happen, and being able to tell how the adult feels or if they are not being honest.

Psychic abilities can, for many children be both a blessing and a curse- often how these abilities will be perceived by the child, will depends on the how the adults around them accept the gifted child.

Psychic children have the power to change the world.

Listen to your child, ask them about their experiences, and never dismiss them as lies or simple fantasy and imagination, as this could cause your psychic child to shut the door on their psychic abilities- never to be opened again.

If you believe your child may be psychic and you would like help to confirm it a Psychic Reading can help. Book Now

Thank you for reading we would love to hear your comments or experiences. Blessings Laura

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