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Forgive Them and Break Your Karmic Shackles

Have you shackled yourself to the past and made yourself a prisoner of your future karma?

If you are harboring anger, grudges, jealousy, vengeance, and housing hate in your heart; then the answer is a resounding Yes! Do not despair, however, because you have the key to free yourself of the karma that keeps you chained to the person or thing you despise- the key to your freedom is forgiveness.

Yes, Forgiveness! It is the only key in fact. Twenty years in an ashram chanting mantras, will not free you as long as you cling to the negative emotions that weigh so heavily on your soul.

These shekels do not just weigh you down they bind you to the other person, creating a karmic link that cannot be broken until the chains that bind you have been shattered. Until forgiveness takes place and you learn to love them as much as you hated them. If you refuse to forgive, you will reincarnate over and over again with them until you do.

Even worse, you hold yourself back from experiencing your true Divine Potential.

Your hate and anger then become the burden you carry every day. Spiteful grudges and revenge wreak havoc on your life, your mind, and your soul. You drag this heavy ball and chain around everywhere you go, preventing any forward growth.

Maybe you try to hide it, and mistakenly believe others don’t feel or see your darkness. But you are wrong. The negative energy created by these emotions permeates your aura. Even if you think you have done a great job of hiding it-people know and shrink from it.

You alone hold the key that can heal you physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually, ultimately setting you free!

When we carry resentments, grudges, pains and old hurts we end up hurting ourselves more than the ones that we perceived did the hurting! A lack of forgiveness is detrimental to our entire being! Not forgiving ourselves and others leads to physical and emotional illnesses such as high blood pressure, depression, and anxiety. Relationships are often destroyed due to our resentment and bitterness carried from the past.

We bury a great deal of hurt and pain deep within our subconscious minds. Since we don’t remember them we believe we are free of them. This is not so! This hurt and pain are an energetic memory stored within our soul. It runs our lives! It is a program that keeps replaying over and over, and fools you into believing you are a victim.

When you hold onto negative emotions you give your power away to the one who has hurt you, allowing your subconscious mind to take control of your life. Keeping you locked in a repetitive cycle of victim-hood until you are ready to let go of the pain.

Anger fills your aura with negative energy. No matter how hard you try to be loving and positive in any other area of your life, this dark energy eats away at your aura like cancer and begins to attract others with like energy. We find ourselves repeating patterns, and cannot understand why similar situations keep coming into our lives. Like attracts like. The energy you are sending out is met by those who share the same soul lessons.

Ask yourself, what energy am I sending out?

What energy am I attracting into my life?

Anger is pain pure and simple. But few people what to admit that. It is easier and more socially acceptable to say “I’m angry,” rather than to say “I’m hurt.” Our pride gets so strong that we "must" be right. We refuse to even try to see the situation from the other person’s point of view- because we are in pain and believe we are justified in our anger.

For forgiveness to unlock your shekels it has to be given in honesty and without resentment. It must be completely genuine or else you have not truly forgiven. You are only fooling yourself if you do not truly forgive from the heart. How will you know you have truly forgiven? The answer is; you have forgiven, when not only would you be willing to come back with the other person in a future life, you would happily volunteer to do so, even if it is only for their sake.

Often we are faced with a situation where the other person feels they have done nothing wrong; that doesn’t matter, forgive them anyway! Ask yourself, if I were to die tomorrow would this matter, would I want to resolve this issue before I go? Bearing in mind that you will have to explain this negativity to the masters on the other side, you may want to take care of it now.

If the answer is no, I would not waste a moment of my last day on this issue, then forgive them now, because obviously it doesn’t really matter. Blame doesn’t matter. Only love matters. So why are you hanging on to cancerous anger? Forgive and let go with love, sincerely wishing them happiness.

What if they don’t accept or return my forgiveness?

It’s ok, everyone has free will, and whether they chose to accept and participate in forgiveness is unimportant! Forgiveness is as much for you as it is for the other party. Heal yourself. You do not need their permission! Forgive them, take back your power, rid yourself of this negative energy and move on with love and peace in your life!

You are only responsible for your own healing. You do not need their permission or approval for you to forgive them. When you do forgive the other person, their Over-Soul or Higher-Self, knows and accepts your forgiveness regardless of what their earthly mind may say.

So in essence, you are helping the other person by your unselfish act of forgiving them!

Everyone wins here. Although the person "not" taking responsibility for their involvement will remain stuck in their life and stagnant in their development, don’t worry or feel responsible for them, they will evolve when the time is right. You can free yourself of the bonds to those who have caused you pain. Although their end of the karma will still exist, they will eventually find a way to release it and continue their own spiritual evolution.

Forgiveness is something that needs to be done in order to leave victim consciousness, heal yourself physically, raise your vibration, and move forward in your life. Forgiving someone does not mean you accept the other person’s behavior. Forgiveness is more about releasing the negative energies that are overshadowing your personal development, spiritual health, and overall wellbeing, than letting someone else off the hook for their misdeeds.

Ok, so I’m ready to heal myself. I’m ready to forgive everyone that has ever done me wrong, umm, how do I do this?

Try this exercise it’s very powerful and spiritually freeing! It takes some time but is definitely worth the effort.

Find a safe quiet space to sit and start a list. Open your mind and go as far back into your life as your memory can carry you. Write down the name of every single person that you feel has created any type of hurt, pain or suffering in your life. Go back to the beginning. Think of your parents, siblings, relatives, friends and neighbors. Write down every single name without judgment.

When you have completed your list, go back again and this time, write down all the names of people whom you feel you have hurt either intentionally or unintentionally. Be as honest with yourself as possible. Remember the only one suffering by not taking responsibility for your own actions is you! After you are done, go through the list and for each person say:

“I AM surrounded by healing white light. I forgive (name) and I forgive myself now. I release all negative karmic energy that we have together in all of time. I send you love and forgiveness. I call upon the power of God to cut any and all psychic karmic ties between myself and (name) now. These psychic karmic ties are now severed, lifted, loved, healed, released and let go into the light. I now accept fully and completely the healing of my relationship with (name). So let it be! ”

This powerful affirmation will free you and allow you to move on! If however there is someone you are still having trouble forgiving, continue repeating the affirmation for them daily, until you feel you have forgiven them and yourself completely.

Another exercise to further aid in forgiveness is to write a letter to the person who has caused you pain. Lay out in detail everything you can think of that hurt you involving the situation. Try to be as specific as possible. Do not look for blame; just lay out the facts, what was said, what was done, and how you felt in each instance.

Then let go of the anger, knowing that anger was simply the response to your pain.

Admit in the letter your role in the situation. Rarely is a dispute one-sided, so be honest and acknowledge your part in this incident. Remember this is not about blame; it’s about understanding what happened and how it made you feel.

When you have completed the letter you can either destroy it or send it to the other party if you feel you are both ready and receptive to forgiveness. If you feel they are not ready or receptive then let the letter go, burn it, tear it up, shred it, or flush it, the choice is yours. But as you destroy it let the negative emotions you have attached to the items listed be destroyed too- as you forgive.

I would add that just because you have forgiven someone for their part in your learning experience, does not mean you have to resume a relationship with this person. If they are a toxic influence and still holding onto anger it is ok to let them go! You forgive and move on with love.

Some other powerful methods to free yourself with forgiveness can be found through energy work, meditation, visualization, even hypnosis which work specifically to reprogram your subconscious mind.

Letting go of your anger and forgiving isn’t easy but it is worth every bit of effort.

Remember, no one is perfect; we are all flawed souls on our journey to perfection. Those who hurt us along the way are actually doing us a service; they are delivering our soul lessons. You alone hold the key to unlocking your karmic shekels; you alone are the author of your life. Whatever you write; make it forgiving, make it Epic!

Thank you for reading.


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