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Signs of a Negative Karmic Relationship

Updated: May 17, 2021

How to know when your in a Negative Karmic Relationship.

There are many kinds of Karmic Love Relationships some are quite positive, peaceful and loving, while others are between to souls coming to work through Negative Karma and to break old outdated and harmful patters. Let's look at the latter kind to learn how to recognize a negative karmic relationship.

Negative Karmic relationships are the type of soulmate relationships that no one wants, but everyone has.

They can be difficult, emotionally taxing, abusive, controlling, manipulative, and full of opportunities to learn and grow!

You'll know you're in a negative karmic relationship if:

  • It’s starts hot and heavy, then escalates to on again/off again

  • It’s carnally driven - sex, emotions and violence (emotional/physical)

  • Offenses that hurt your feelings are continually repeated without regard

  • You’ve tried to convince them why they should love you/stay with you

  • Your mood is strongly affected by the other person’s moods

  • Your karmic partner doesn’t listen to you or your feelings

  • You feel like you’re being used or manipulated Of course karmic relationships can have a small degree of some of these and still be a positive relationship, working through a few old negative patterns- but if you have more than one or two of these going on, you may very well be in a negative karmic relationship.

Karmic bonds are formed with fireworks.

There are sparks in the air, it feels like love, you feel like you’ve known this person forever. Karmic partners will feel that you are their God and you owe them their happiness. They put you on a pedestal.

Yet, when you try to break it off, a karmic partner will say that they want the best for you, while at the same time, make every attempt to sabotage your happiness.

Each person in the negative karmic relationship is in the relationship to break a pattern.

In a negative karmic relationship, both people come together to break a pattern that has transcended centuries.

We all have unhealthy patterns, ways of thinking and ways of viewing ourselves that we form in our lifetimes and in a karmic relationship, your partner is your mirror. They help you realize through action what unhealthy pattern is being brought out in YOU.

Negative Karmic relationships teach Love Worthiness

Most karmic relationships come together because they are teaching one or the other person that they are worthy of meaningful, peaceful, joyful love.

By working through these negative patters soulmates have the chance to learn through contrast, to see the futility of repeating the same patters over and over, and to learn acceptance, understanding and compassion for their mates.

Negative Karmic relationships are the opposite of positive peaceful love - they are chaotic, violent, hot and heavy, emotional and stressful roller-coaster rides. This is because negative karmic relationships are fueled by centuries of passion and unhealed pain. It is through learning what true love is not, that the karmic partner can find what true love really is.

When you re-enter into a negative karmic relationship with a person from your soul group, pain is thrown all about - at the walls, at each other, at yourself. Pain is everywhere. As pain is expressed, old ties, soul bonds and contracts are brought to the surface, realized, and healed.

For this reason, karmic relationships are an opportunity for you and your partner to heal what has not been healed in previous lifetimes, by teaching what to not put up with in real love.

You find real love Through a Karmic relationship

Most people will enter into a negative karmic relationship in the years prior to meeting their actual, real positive karmic soulmate - the soulmate who is intended to be their life partner. The person who is going to value, love and respect you just for you often comes after you heal a karmic bond.

After you have experienced a relationship filled with unhealthy karmic love, that is full of control and manipulation, you will be able to acquire a relationship filled with actual love.

The first step to healing a negative karmic relationship is accepting and realizing that you are in one in the first place.

A karmic relationship is a romantic bond that is formed with someone in your soul group and it's a relationship designed to heal past life lessons and pain. They’re generally challenging to say the least, and heartbreaking, and allow for growth.

Signs you're in a karmic relationship include intense passion, possessiveness, jealousy, negative feelings, control, substance abuse, selfishness, one-sided, obsessive, emotional or physically abusive. Basically they are negative.

So, how do you heal from a negative karmic relationship and end it?

A karmic relationship is healed when one or the other person steps out of the cycle and grows spiritually.

When one of the karmic relationship partners (probably you, because you’re reading this right now), walks away from the bond completely - physically, energetically and emotionally - the relationship is over and this initiates the first step of healing from that relationship.

To fully heal a karmic pattern relationship, you'll then have to take time to separate and look within to fully capture and process the lessons the relationship has taught you so you can move on to the next relationship more consciously.

If you jump into a new relationship immediately after getting out of a karmic bond, elements of the previous karmic patterns present in the former relationship will repeat themselves in the new relationship until the issues have been fully healed. Forgiveness in the end will fully heal this negative karma.

Take your time to heal and integrate what you have learned. Jumping into a new relationship too soon after the closing of a karmic bond will indeed reopen aspects of the pattern cycle held with the previous partner.

Next, because your bond with this person is likely rooted in thousands of years of soul history, there is an energetic bond that links you and your karmic partner, in addition to a physical one, that needs to be addressed and fully healed as well.

Moving away, ignoring texts and refusing to open your front door is not going to cut it this time. That doesn't fully work with karmic partners.

To fully close the bond and heal from a karmic relationship, you'll likely also need to do some energy work to fully release yourself into a new bond.

Letting go of the past pains, abandonment and trust issues, blame, judgments, anger, frustration, what ifs, guilt, vengeance, poor communications, and moving into forgiveness, and in the end, love for this soul is the only way to fully release negative karmic relationships.

In serious cases, you may even need to perform a soul retrieval ceremony to regain all the aspects of yourself that were lost in that relationship over the years so you can be fully present in yourself again.

This is all part of the process of healing from a karmic bond and many people go through this every year.

Good news is this:

You are bound to this person by only karma and once you heal the karma by learning the lessons for you, the karmic patterns presented by this person are over, for you, forever. (Karmic mission complete!)

If your former partner does not change, that's their karma, not yours.

You're not held responsible by the "Powers That Be" because someone else has chosen to avoid their lessons. The pattern, for you, has ended for good.

So what is the overarching benefit of having a negative karmic relationship in your life?

Second good news!

Spiritual growth- a deeper higher knowledge of what true love is and how to share it with another. And- Following the completion and healing from a karmic bond, many people meet their actual true love positive karmic soulmates just after the final ending and healing of a negative karmic bond.

It's like the final test because the point of a negative karmic relationship is to show us unhealed karma in ourselves, so that we can heal it, and thus, become more fully ourselves.

Once you heal from and overcome the final karmic test (the relationship), and you heal the pain you carry from it, you will open up fully to experiencing yourself and the love you truly deserve.

So regardless of which way you slice it, negative karmic relationships have meaning in our lives and while many of us have been through more than one, we just continue to build and take all those lessons learned with us to be wiser, more fully loving, and improve for the next relationship.

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Thank you for reading we would love to hear your comments. Blessings Laura

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