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"The Afterlife: What Happens When We Die?"

A Peek at the Afterlife: What happens when we die. Part 1

As a psychic medium of over 45 years, I have been blessed with the opportunity to be given a glimpse into the afterlife and what happens when we die. I truly believe if everyone could see what I see, no one would ever be afraid of death. Of course, I am, like most people, afraid of a violent or painful death, but once I have left the premises I know there is nothing to fear. Please allow me to share some of the most common experiences I have seen of souls as they cross into the spirit world.

Soul leaveing the body, returning home. Laura Zibalese

Whatever form your dying may take, your transition into the afterlife will share many elements with most other souls. Often your first experience will be the presence of a loved one, a spirit guide, and or an angel. Sometimes there will be more than one of these spirits waiting for you.

For instance, every time I have seen a child cross over, at least, two or three, angels accompany the child to the other side. Often I am told (by the departed soul) “My mother (or some other loved one) was waiting for me.” Sometimes they are waiting at one’s bedside, often for days before they pass, or just beyond the veil. Accompanying the departed as they pass into the light.

Do All souls get an escort to the afterlife?

No, in the case of older souls who have done this dance many times they no longer need an escort, they travel on their own, at their own pace. These souls are often given greater autonomy and allowed to decide when and how their crossing will happen.

Leaveing the body after death. Laura Zibalese

Once your soul has crossed into spirit you may be surprised to find things looking rather similar to Earth- only much, much more beautiful. Whatever you expect to see you may see. If you expect pearly gates, a grand cathedral, a Japanese pagoda, or even an open field of flowers- you may very well see it. Whatever your soul finds to be the most sacred site is what you will see. If you find nature to be holy and sacred; why not a field of lovely fragrant flowers?

A field of flowers in the afterlife. Laura Zibalese

In this place, your soul will feel great peace, tremendous love, and a kind of euphoria it has never experienced while in the physical world. A shower of divine healing light will shimmer down upon you, washing away any earthly pain or sadness. There is sweet vibrational music and the smells of all the wonderful things you love. It doesn’t matter that you no longer own a nose; your memory of the scent is so much stronger and far more pure. Here you may be reunited with a loved one, a pet perhaps, or your spirit guide. The Debriefing or Life Review

When you have soaked up enough of this healing energy and are ready, your spirit guide will begin what I like to call your “debriefing.” I’m sure you have heard of people who have died and come back saying “I saw my whole life flash before my eyes.” Well, it’s far more than that. You will re-experience every moment of your earthly life from the moment they cut the cord, to the moment you gave up the ghost. Only this will not simply be some movie playing for you to watch- you will relive it. Yes, you will re-live your life, and not only from your perspective but from the perspective of every single person you affected throughout your life. Say you were a bully on the playground when you were five and pushed a little boy to the ground; now you will relive this event. You will find yourself back on that playground, but now you will be in both your body, as well as, the body of the little boy. You will know every emotion he experienced. You will feel his fear, and his physical pain, and be made aware of any long-term consequences of your actions. Perhaps the boy became timid due to this incident, and that translated into years of hard work overcoming his fears. Simultaneously you will be in the bodies of any other witnesses to this kindergarten brawl. Maybe one of the onlookers became a bully herself or became fearful, or worse, carried anger and hate for what you did. I know this sounds daunting and it should, but let me assure you this is the closest thing to a punishment I have ever seen on the other side.

Please understand, that God does not punish us, however, we are held responsible for our actions and are expected to make amends for them. Hence, reincarnation. Isn’t it lucky the creator gives us all the time we need to reach perfection and expunge all negativity from our souls?

Crossing into the light. Laura Zibalese

On the upside, you will also get to relive every positive emotion and event from your life. Every hug, every joyful moment, every time you were of help to another, and every instance of love- in all its amazing wonderful detail you will re-experience. If that isn’t an incentive to be kind and loving, I don’t know what is.

When your life review is complete and you have had sufficient time to contemplate it, you will be reunited with your soul group/family. This can happen in many different places, and in many different ways, but one of the most wondrous I ever saw came from the father of one of my long-time clients. In life, he was a truly inspiring, tolerant, compassionate church minister who loved people in all their crazy forms. He was a very old soul and about a year after his passing graciously shared this experience of reuniting with his soul group.

The Celestial Temple. Laura Zibalese

The Celestial Temple The vision began with the two of us standing outside the entrance to the Celestial Temple. A grand Greek-style temple similar to the Parthenon in Athens only ten times larger at least, and constructed of translucent rock crystal, veined with strands of gold and silver which reflected in the starlight. Three wide steps of this same crystal wrapped their way around the exterior of the Temple. As we reached the top step I could see that the temple was open on all four sides. Looking straight through I could see a blanket of brilliant, sparkling stars gleaming in a sapphire blue sky.

Heavenly Temple. Laura Zibalese

I wondered at seeing a Greek temple and was told I had created it, it was my soul’s preference. Each soul will see the Celestial Temple as their soul sees fit. Although, I was told the Temple exists in its own right as well.

Within the Celestial Temple, there were seemingly thousands of souls, manifesting in everything from full physical bodies to the small spheres of sentient light energy that are our souls. As we walked I noticed the floor was so highly polished that I could see right through it to the scenes below.

I later realized souls often come to this place to communicate more easily with those in the physical world.

As we walked many souls called out telepathically to us in greeting. My companion laughed and told me, “It’s kinda like "Cheers" everyone knows your name and they’re always glad to see ya.” We then approached a group of about thirty souls who were waiting for him with great joy and excitement. The air buzzed with the jubilant energy. Then they all shouted “surprise” in unison and with party balloons, and noise-makers like you see at New Year's parties started singing “for he’s a jolly good fellow…”

souls in the Celestial Temple. Laura Zibalese

Each soul, then stepped forward one by one, beginning with his beloved wife who had passed away five years earlier. In a grand gesture, she brought forth a treasured container and symbolically united him once again with his over-soul (that part of us that always remains in the spirit world) allowing his soul’s energy to merge with the energy which had been on earth.

This merging was completed- his soul was officially home.

I hope this vision which I have seen in varying forms, over and over again, will help you understand there is absolutely nothing to be afraid of in the afterlife- only love and kindness, joy and compassion await you.

Part 1: "A Peek at the Afterlife" monthly series.

God Bless

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