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How To Access The Universal Consciousness

Have you ever wondered where psychics get their information? Well, much of it comes from the Universal Consciousness, an energy field that surrounds the universe made up of every thought, every deed, and every emotion of every living thing in the universe throughout all time. This vast supply of information is accessible to everyone; you just need to learn how to use it.

You may be surprised to learn that you have already accessed it far more often than you know. What we often refer to a coincidence is, in fact, the universal consciousness at work. For example, have you ever arrived at work to find that five out of six of your co-workers are all wearing the same color combination as you?

It’s not a coincidence, it’s the universal consciousness. This morning while you were dressing either you or one of your co-workers chose their color preference for the day, say green and black. Although you rarely wear green, something inside you said “Yeah, that’s what I want, my green blouse from the back of the closet, it’ll go great with my black pants.”

As you made this choice you were now sending a strong vibration of the colors green and black out to the universal consciousness, and your co-workers, who were also dressing around that same time picked up on the colors and grabbed their favorite green and black ensemble. So why did the sixth guy not get the psychic memo and instead showed up in red? Well, for whatever reason he was not tuned into the universal information being transmitted to all co-workers that morning. Perhaps he got up and dressed earlier, maybe he was preoccupied with other thoughts, or he just didn’t care about his clothing.

This vast storehouse of knowledge is accessed by people every day without their knowing it. Just think of all the designers who, working in secret, keeping their plans and designs under lock and key are surprised to find that when fashion week comes many of the various designer’s lines look almost identical. Different car manufacturers find their latest models not so unique. Even inventors often find themselves rushing to the patent office just as another inventor has invented the exact same thing.

For example, Elisha Gray and Alexander Graham Bell are said to have invented the telephone simultaneously independently of one another. They fought over who invented it first and at one point the patent office suspended Bell’s patent due to the controversy, in the end Bell won out, but it could just have easily been Gray.

Many famous people throughout history have used the universal consciousness to access information for their work. For instance, Leonardo Da Vinci said he often placed a candle at the end of his bed, focused on the shadows on the ceiling and entered into a trance where he was able to obtain knowledge about a great many things.

Nicholas Tesla, Socrates and Archimedes were all said to go into deep thought that would last for hours at a time. Tesla, it is said, was even able to imagine entire mechanical plans, take them apart, flip them around and even test them for flaws- all in his mind while accessing the universal consciousness.

Even the great genius Albert Einstein once said whenever he was stuck on a problem he would lay down, close his eyes and rest, soon the answer would be made available to him. Einstein was such a master of connecting with this information via his “thought experiments” he was able to literally see the universe. He credited this information with coming from outside of his own mind.

As did the great Renaissance psychic Nostradamus, who would access the universal consciousness to peer not only into the

Fortunately, we no longer have to worry about the government or church frying us at the stake for accessing universal knowledge and may do so now free of fear. Accessing the universal consciousness is really not difficult, some steps you can use are:

1. Keep an open, calm mind; a calm mind more easily receives new information.

2. Trust in your ability to access the universal consciousness and try to keep your doubts at bay.

3. Relax and ask what you want to know about, but don’t focus on it, just let whatever thoughts want to come into your mind to do so.

4. Try using a tool as Da Vinci and Nostradamus did; peer into a candle’s flame, a bowl or glass of water, or even a mirror. I have often used the mirror myself-the trick is to look beyond your reflection, go deep into the mirror, let your mind relax and receive the information.

5. As you go about your day listen to that gut feeling- that thought that pops into your mind, the idea that you just seem to get out of know where. This is your mind accessing the universal consciousness.

Yes, there are many more ways one can access this information and I will cover more of them in other articles, but this should be a good starting point. One last tip, trust yourself, your higher-self/over-soul will help you tap into the knowledge of the universe if you can accept the gift you are being given.

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