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Is My Rabbit's Foot Really Lucky? Charms, Talismans, & Amulets

Lucky Rabbit's Foot.

Since the time of the Cave Man human cultures have looked for spiritual and worldly items to bring good fortune, protection from harm, symbols to ward off or attract spirits, to heal the sick and even to find love. A Rabbit's foot or four-leaf clover for luck, a Quartz Crystal to heal, Charms, Talismans, Amulets, Rune-stones - you name the culture there is a symbol for just about everything. Entire libraries could be filled with books about them.

But do they work?!

Symbols and symbolism are popular in almost every civilization, culture and religion that has evolved on Earth. They are deeply ingrained in every aspect of our life. You may not even realize just how often you see them or how prevalent they are even in our modern world. Symbols impact our subconscious mind and if their influences are strong enough, they then encourage and stimulate confidence,enhance effort, and give us hope for a good outcome. Whether we realize it or not paintings, pictures, jewelry, statues, birds, animals and so forth have meanings and effects on us.

Throughout history mankind, has been a close observer of nature and events and over time has developed a vast and time-tested database of positive helpful symbols.

While the cavemen may have kept a tooth from that bear or boar he killed to give him the animal’s strength, an Egyptian may have worn the eye of Hours for protection, a Roman may have worn a winged phallus to encourage fertility often hanging them at the entrance of their homes, while someone in middle ages Europe would not have been caught without their favorite saints medal to guide them through their day.

Yes, every culture and every religion have had their share of symbols to keep them out of harm’s way. Think of a little paw waving cat or laughing chubby Buddha on the counter of your favorite Asian takeout restaurant. Maybe you have a horseshoe hanging over your door, or have spent some time looking for a four-leafed clover, and let’s not forget that Lucky Rabbit's Foot!

Well lucky for everyone but the rabbit...

How then is it possible for a symbol to become somehow magical or protective?

Symbols have power, energy, and meaning. These are partly due to the items own energy which is determined by its shape and partly by the energy imbued in it by those

Lucky kitty.

who believe. A cultural combined belief can increase the energy and make it even more powerful. Think of millions of people, generations of individuals holding the same belief about an object or symbol- they are creating the energy infusing it into the item with their very belief.

Of course for a lucky charm to be lucky we all know it need not have millions who believe- how many people out there have that lucky sock, or keys or even your lucky cell phone? The energy of your belief is enough to create a talisman all your own if your belief is strong enough. Thus is the power of faith!

When the items geometric shape, size, meaning and their other nuances are properly understood and activated, it results in the transmission and amplification of "energy" - the vital life force that governs everything in the Universe.

Some classical examples are Crystals, Pyramids, Vedic Yantras, Sacred Geometry, Feng Shui objects, Religious Medals even that Four-leaf clover.

The use of positive symbols can alter energy flow and enhance the surrounding space. It is the easiest way to introduce positive energy into our environment.

These symbolic items are normally categorized into 2 types:

The first type of symbolic item is designed to ward off negative energy, to protect and keep one from harm, illness, or misfortune. In fact the word Amulet - comes from the

evil eye amulet

Latin Amuletum meaning "means of defense." These often come in the form of religious medals or symbols, certain types of gemstones or crystals, or specific shapes like the glass evil eye or the hand of Fatima one often sees pinned to babies and worn by men and woman of all ages in Middle Eastern cultures.

The second type is designed to be a remedy or cure for a problem, to heal a person or situation, and to enhance energy and bring about harmony and prosperity. These are energy tools (like Crystals) that when properly utilized, can dissolve negative energy and stream out purpose-solving, high-frequency positive energy. Symbolic items, when processed and positioned correctly, will definitely yield results.

These items help by creating an environment rich with positive symbolism that elicits positive thinking, a focused minds, confidence and creativity, and progress and prosperity will result. We then become aware of the life force in the environment in which the energy had been altered by us, thus enabling us to empower it. This powerful symbolism will reinforce our energy levels to benefit every aspect of our lives. Think about it, have you ever sat and rubbed a lucky coin or used a rosary? The coin or the beads on their own are just that a coin or beads but our belief and focused intention give them power which they then return to us- magnified.

For example, a Black Tourmaline Crystal Pendant can balance the emotions and calm the mind; a pair of Pink Mandarin Duck statuettes can bond a couple more strongly; a Viswa Vajra can protect one from negative entities; a Five Element Stupa can balance the five elements of nature and correct the Vaastu/Feng Shui energy of land and building; a set of Sailing Ship Coins can instigate cash flow in Business; a Pyramid can accumulate Positive Energy; a Shri Yantra can remove financial blocks, a custom-built Crystal Energy Field can bring in Health, Wealth, Harmony & Happiness! Fhew! And these are just a few of the multitudes of items that can help our daily lives.

Phoenix bird for luck.

But how can the statue of a Phoenix a supposedly fictional bird bring motivation and new opportunities?

1. The shape and design of the item/symbol determine the nature of the energy/remedy that it can receive and transmit.

2. The raw material and size decide the storage capacity and life of the item/remedy when energized.

3. Programming of the item/remedy defines the problem to be solved or the purpose to be realized and the Programming fully dedicates the energy of the item/remedy to the purpose and binds it to the person.

So it is important to realize that the item/remedy by itself is only the hardware (like a computer). You have to supply the electricity (energizing) to switch it on and keep it running. But ultimately you have to supply the proper software (programming) to make it work. Appropriate placement then completes the circle.

St. Vincent quote about amulets and charms.

Rub that Rabbits Foot, cleanse your gemstone, were your charm and chant the prayer- whatever is required to energize the item and give it the power to work for you. Each type of charm, talisman, amulet and symbolic items have a long tradition of meanings and uses which are easily researched today.

There are some who would argue that the "shape" of the talisman or remedy item itself does signify a specific energy and hence does not require any other processing.

Sure it does: that's why it has been selected as an energy tool.

For example, the shape of a majestic Elephant signifies the energies related to strength, shrewdness, and a long memory - but that alone is not sufficient. The image or statue should definitely be energized in such a way as to store enough energy to last for a few years, not weeks. Then the stored energy should be programmed as to whom and for what purpose it should work. The programming also helps prevent the item/remedy from being corrupted by the onslaught of negative energies that it will have to face (on behalf of its owner), once activated. This way, if and when the vital positive energy of the item is critically overwhelmed by negativity at some stage, the remedy simply breaks and declares its inability to serve (its owner) further, rather than allowing any damage to its owner.

Will a Laughing Buddha or a Crystal or a Yantra bought off the shelf give results?

The simple answer is "no" if it has not been programmed and energized. Merely energizing will not help. The energy needs to be stabilized, sealed and then directed through "specialized" programming. This, however, is something you can do and there is a great deal of information available to teach you how. But if you would rather have it done for you there are many out there who have the expertise to create the item you need. Psychics often have experience with this, or Catholic Priests, Shamans, Buddhist Monks, Wiccans, Druids there are individuals throughout our cultures and various traditions who are able to help.

Talismans, Charms, Amulets

In fact, the source of the energy/remedy plays an important role in determining the effectiveness. Many who buy the same Feng shui product from two different sources will find that one is working well and the other is not. But they never bother to ask why that happens. The answer is simple, the source determines the "root energy" stored in the products.

Store bought items already charged:

  1. It is a key element (the root energy) that the qualified expert (who is going the sell/channel the remedies) checks before selecting.

  2. Then the products are cleansed (of negativity that arises during manufacturing/changing hands)

  3. They then posses positive energy

  4. And are then kept in an area that has a strong positive energy belt before being sold. Finally, when sold

  5. The expert programs the item/ remedy to the purpose and to the user.

  6. Explains the ideal placement of the energy tool in his/her place.

Then and only then will these remedial tools yield results.

Dani Shapiro quote.

Charms, Talismans, Amulets and other symbolic items are the tools you can use to bring in and enhance positive energy and attract positive results to you.

Many in the modern age will scoff and say these are simple superstitions, they never stop to consider the energetic power these items can hold and how they can change your energy and that of your environment. Where the environment at the macro level is highly influenced by many factors beyond our control, micro level energy correction done with empowered items/remedies can effectively bring in and help retain Health, Wealth, Harmony, and Happiness.

lucky human foot

Thank you for reading

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