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Healing Meditation: Connecting to Your Angels

Angel Guide & Healing Meditation

Christians the world over know the story of Jesus Christ and how his very birth was heralded by legions of angels rejoicing and proclaiming the birth of the King. In all the major religions of the world stories of angels abound.

There are Arch Angels, Seraphim, Cherubim and hordes of angels whose job it is to guard over and even guide the human race.

Angels don't just sing at Christmastime however, have been charged to protect, guide and heal mankind, and for most Americans, they're a year-round presence.

A recent Associated Press-GFK poll shows that 77% of adults believe these ethereal beings are real.

While a belief in angels is often tied to religion, with up to 95% of Christians professing to believe, they are not alone. A belief in angels among less religious individuals is fairly widespread.

The percent of Christians who believe in Angles: 95% of evangelical Christians and 94% of those who attend weekly religious services of any sort profess a belief in angels.

In addition, a majority of non-Christians believe angels exist, as do more than 4 in 10 of those who never attend religious services. In fact, nearly every major religion of the world espouses a belief in Angels.

Beyond the religious gap, statistics show, women are3 times more likely than men to believe angels are real, and those over age 30 are more apt than younger adults to believe angels exist.

Angels are said to be part of every human's life.

Stories of encounters with angels have been told throughout history. While many individuals find a belief in angels difficult, today a great number of people are using angels as spiritual guides and as aids in their healing meditations.

You heard it right! Today, many people use angels as an effective guide to meditation.

There are many sites on the internet that feature angel guide healing meditations. There are even books published about it.

Now the question here is whether or not you believe in angels?

While a belief in Angels is not necessary for angels to heal you, if you don’t, you will not succeed in achieving the kind of peace of mind necessary to connect with angels for a healing meditation.

Angels love and protect people, it’s their job. For as long as anyone can remember, angels have been recognized for their healing powers. Angels can help troubled souls find enlightenment, and follow the path that leads them to a fuller life.

If you are experiencing spiritual difficulties, traumas, and stress, then it's probably time for you to seek angel guides for your healing meditation. Learning to communicate with the angels via meditation is possible for anyone willing to put in the daily work.

For those who may feel they simply cannot achieve this or do not have the time or patients, Angel guides can also be accessed by individuals who have the ability to act as spiritual channels. They can communicate with angels to aid people in coping with their problems by passing on messages from the angels.

Most angel guides are willing to help other people regardless of race or religion. Angels know God created all of humanity to be equal. To this end, they work to bring people together in love for one another.

One of the major reasons people are now practicing meditation is to improve their physical health. More and more people are aware of their body - mind connection and how meditation can bridge the gap between the two and lead to healing. Many doctors now recommend meditation for stress-relief, depression, and many other physical illnesses. Meditation is scientifically accepted to be an effective tool in healing.

Since there are many types of meditation, you should choose one that you think you can practice easily and fits into your lifestyle. I would recommend trying an Angel meditation.

Through an angel guided meditation, you can awaken your higher spiritual levels and realms. This type of meditation can help you discover yourself, your life purpose, and your highest potential. So don’t miss your chance of being healed spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically- through an angel guide.

Is it your turn to be touched by an angel?

There are many stories of people who have been healed by angels all around the globe. Miracles may be hard to believe but there have been irrefutable accounts of miracles attributed to angels, these miracles are within the reach of all. If you want to take your chances- do it with an angel guides. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain.

Perhaps it’s time for you to get well and be healed. There's no harm in trying, all that is required is a little bit of belief, a bit of your time, and a routine of angel guided meditation.

You have heard “anything is possible” let go of your doubts and give it a try. After all, anything is possible.

Remember angel guides can come in many forms, from actual angels contacted through meditation, to spiritual channels, even family and friends may be a means of communications with Angels. Look for the signs the angels are waiting to speak with and help you!

Meditation To Meet Your Guardian Angel

First, create the right atmosphere for this meditation- unplug the phone and make sure you’re not going to be disturbed, get yourself a glass of water, maybe you would like to put on some relaxing music and light a candle (make sure it’s safe), now make yourself as comfortable as possible.

(You may want to record this- read it aloud- softly, calmly, in a soothing voice to playback and guide your meditation.)

Concentrate on your breathing, breathe deeply and slowly in through your nose and out of your mouth continue breathing in this way for about a minute then relax into a steady breathing pattern, clear your mind as best you can and allow the scene to unfold in your mind’s eye.

Now visualize yourself taking a walk in the country to a place of beauty and tranquility, it’s a warm summers day the sky's so blue with just an occasional wispy cloud floating high above. The sun's shining brightly and the birds are singing happily, it’s so peaceful here away from the din of the traffic and noise of the world. (Pause....)

Have a walk around, take a look at your surroundings, be aware of the colors so bright and clear. There's a stream running nearby you can hear the water as it gently flows, you can feel the soft breeze blowing through the air and hear it rustling the leaves on the trees.

Listen as the birds are happily chirping to one another. There are flowers all around and you can see butterflies dancing among them and hear the occasional buzz of a bee as it fly's in and out of the flowers collecting the nectar. (Pause....) There's a large old Oak tree nearby- go sit underneath it for awhile and be in total harmony with your beautiful surroundings. This is your very own sacred space, a place where you can feel safe and secure and free from all the hustle and bustle of life.

Take a few more deep breaths, the air is so pure and clean you feel your skin tingling as your body is being cleansed with every breath you take.

Looking up to the sky you see what looks like a star, but no ordinary star, for this star not only shines during the day, its shining with all the colors of the rainbow. As you continue to gaze upon this beautiful star you realize its gently drifting down like a feather towards you, in no time at all it's hovering a few feet above your head. You’re not afraid, just simply fascinated as you find yourself immersed within the rainbow of colors, it feels wonderful, so peaceful. Close your eyes and allow the colors to soak into you, feel them cleansing and purifying every atom of your being.

Soon the rainbow is replaced by a radiant golden glow, and you are filled with an all-encompassing feeling of love and compassion. As you open your eyes you see standing right before you a golden solar angel, your Angel sent from up above.

In this one moment of time, you now realize you can solve problems that have been bothering you for some time and that no problem is so large you cannot handle it- knowing you have the loving support of your angel. For this angel knows everything there is to know about you and loves you regardless. This angel will always be there, standing beside you through good times and bad, take a little time to talk to your angel. (3-Minute Pause) Maybe you would like to take a few moments to thank your guardian angel for all the blessings you've received in your life, and for all the blessings you will continue to receive. You may, if you wish, ask for your angels name, but don't worry if you don't quite understand immediately for often our angels communicate symbolically, maybe your angel will show you something or give something to you. (2-Minute Pause)

It's time now for you to say goodbye.

With a tender hug and a wave goodbye your golden solar angel merges back into the rainbow and so into the star as it floats effortlessly up from whence it came. You have no feelings of sadness to see your angel go for you now know wherever you are and whatever your doing your angels watching over you.

Take another look around you, everything looks the same; the birds are still singing, the sky's still blue, but now it feels so different, everything seems so much lighter and brighter. As you get up to start making your way back you are filled with an added strength you've never known before. You are feeling so very happy you could almost skip and dance as you make your way back home. (Pause)

Take one more look behind and keep this image in your mind’s eye, for you can come back to this place at anytime you so desire.

Home now- listen to the music, take a look around you and be aware of your surroundings. Maybe you would like to take a drink of your water and rub your hands together before standing up and having a good stretch knowing that you may visit your angel again as often as you like.

Bonus: From my friends at www.ask-angels.com

Meditation to connect with the Archangel Michael- Archangel Michael connects now with a powerful cleansing meditation to help you to cleanse and restore your energy.

New opportunities for growth, advancement, and healing will soon be emerging for all. This guided meditation with Archangel Michael will help to prepare you for what is to come, by clearing out past density, negative energy, or limiting beliefs that are still held in your body, mind, spirit, or experience.

All you need to do now is breathe, relax, and listen to tune into the healing and restorative energy broadcast from the Angelic realm now.

Moving into the new paradigm your heart and your soul will be your guide.

Tune into this guidance now with powerful light frequency and guidance from Archangel Michael, and from your team of guides and angels who are called in to assist in powerful healing, and then will help you to integrate Divine Qualities into your life now!

Thank you for reading: gourndedpsychic.com

May You be Blessed by Angels!

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